Penis Extenders – A New Device to Increase Penis Size

by Nick Swanson

Penis extenders have existed for thousands of years, in some form or another. The devices provide a simple and natural solution for men worried about this size of their penis, including the length and width. Penis extenders typically use suction, which provides enough force that it slowly increases the shape. The device also provides help for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence and having problems obtaining an erection. Penis extenders are sold online and in some specialty shops, but men should know what they need in a device.

The best penis extenders look like a long tube or shaft, often made from plastic. The kits come with rings made from plastic, or another type of soft material. The ring slips around the base, or open end of the tube and the man slides the tube over his penis. Penis extenders have a closed end and the tube wraps around the penis. The man pumps the device manually, which increases blood flow and forces the penis into an erect position. Some penis extenders rely on an electrical outlet and electricity, which increases the pressure. Both manual and electrical or automatic penis extenders produce results quickly.

Many men that used penis extenders found results after the first time using the device. Regular use of the device over 30 days or several months can increases penis length by up to one inch or more. Some men discovered that penis extenders increased length by four inches with regular use over the course of several months. The devices can also increase width or circumference, which in turns increases confidence in the bedroom. Penis extenders have uses beyond increasing penis size and some men find the devices helpful when it comes to impotence.

Impotence is a problem that occurs when blood does not properly reach the penis. Without blood, the penis cannot achieve an erection. Penis extenders force blood into the penis, which gives the man an erection. Many men use penis extenders an hour or less before sexual intercourse to achieve a strong erection that lasts through the sexual act. Having a longer penis increases self-esteem and self-confidence and might make the man last longer in the bedroom. That leads to the man feeling better about his relationship and self-worth, making the man feel healthier. Men that use penis extenders report feeling stronger and more confident when it comes to sexual performance.