Does Penis Length Matter?

by Nick Swanson

Men are obsessed with having the biggest and the best thing, and that includes penis size. Men often wonder does penis length matter because they think that they are below average. They see other men in the locker room or changing room at the gym, and assume that every single man has a wider and thicker penis. The truth is that many men have an average size penis or a penis that is bigger than average and they do not even realize it.

Does Penis Length Matter?

Studies found that the average penis ranges from four inches to just over six inches long. Only a small percentage of men have the long and thick penises seen in movies. Those that ask does penis size matter are those that are often worried about what their partner might think. A 2010 study found that over 80 percent of all women surveyed were happy and satisfied with the size of their boyfriend or husband’s penis. Women are not nearly as concerned with penis length or size as men are. Men that want to be bigger, longer, or wider should consider a few facts.

The first fact to consider is the length of the woman’s body. It might sound hard to believe, but the available space inside the vagina is usually eight inches or less. Men that are longer than eight inches might feel uncomfortable during sex. With more of the penis left out of the body, the man feels less sensation during sexual intercourse. He keeps thrusting and pushing to feel more during the sexual act, but cannot notice any more sensations. When men ask does penis length matter to others, they should consult their wives or girlfriends. Some women prefer men with a shorter penis because it feels more comfortable and enjoyable during sexual intercourse.

There are even some women that will not have sex with a man that has a long penis because it feels uncomfortable. The man keeps pushing, which makes the penis go deeper and makes the woman feel uncomfortable or even experience some pain. If a man still asks does penis length matter, then he should try a simple sexual position. It involves the woman on the bottom with her legs closed tight around his upper thighs. This closes the penis in tightly, making it feel thicker and longer. This technique can make any man feel like he has the longest penis in the neighborhood.