Penis Shrinkage – When a Penis Grows Smaller

by Nick Swanson

The hit television show Seinfeld covered the issue of penis shrinkage, bringing a humorous light to this once-serious topic. In the episode, one character caught one of the main characters in the middle of changing his clothes. After seeing the man undressed, she giggled and raced from the room. He ran after her, claiming that he suffered from penis shrinkage caused by swimming in cold water. In truth, the main cause of penis shrinkage does relate to cold temperatures.

Penis Shrinkage

The penis tends to have a mind of its own and changes shape throughout the day. You might even find penis shrinkage issues with the penis growing smaller for a few hours each day. If you measure your penis early in the morning and again at night, you will likely notice a fluctuation of a few centimeters. Exposure to cold stimuli relates to penis shrinkage because the cold stops the penis. Sitting in cold water, or taking a cold shower and exposure to cold climates, such as a winter day causes problems. The penis shrinkage occurs as a defense mechanism. The penis shrinks in size, as a way of protecting itself from the cold. It is not something that you need to worry about or fear because it is completely normal.

Medical experts believe that penis shrinkage only occurs when you are in a flaccid state or resting state. You should not experience any size changes during an erection. However, you might experience some problems with penis shrinkage when confronted with a stressful situation. Stress acts like a cold wind on your penis. Look at your penis on a stress free day and you should notice that it looks slightly full and healthy. When you suffer from ordinary stressors, the body restricts the amount of blood that flows to the penis, which makes it appear smaller. With prolonged exposure to stress, you might even suffer from erectile dysfunction problems. A normal bout of penis shrinkage is a common occurrence among men.

The penis itself relates to the central nervous system of the body. Some experts believe that penis shrinkage is a symptom of a larger problem. When the penis shrinks in size, it might indicate a problem with your nervous system. If the penis shrinkage problem persists, seeking help from a doctor or physician might be helpful. In most cases through, penis shrinkage is just a protective measure taken by the penis to protect itself against cold temperatures.