Permanent Male Enhancement – Techniques for Permanent Male Enhancement

by Nick Swanson

A number of products today promise to provide some form of male enhancement, whether in penis size, sexual satisfaction or sexual performance. Each product works in its own unique way and works differently for each person that uses them. Some of these products provide temporary results while others offer permanent male enhancement for users. Supplements generally offer temporary results that diminish when the items are no longer used. Exercising the penis offers more permanent results but the change does not happen overnight.

Permanent Male Enhancement

One of the most common male enhancement products available are supplements and topical creams. However, these products rarely provide permanent male enhancement. These products combine chemical compounds or different combinations of all natural ingredients to present temporary enhancement. The newest trend in these items is to use natural herbs or plant extracts as opposed to chemicals because users believe natural ingredients bring more benefits than just male enhancement. These pills and lotions function by increasing blood flow to the penis to provide temporary enlargement and increased sexual satisfaction and performance. The enhancement only lasts as long as the supplements are used. Once the product is no longer taken or applied, the benefits will stop.

Exercising the penis is one way to give permanent male enhancement. This can be done by using equipment or not. Jelqing is a long-standing exercise technique that can provide a sizeable difference if it is done correctly. If completed properly, men can see a two to four inch increase in length and a one to two increase in girth. If not done correctly, jelqing can cause scarring, pain, disfigurement and discoloration. Jelqing is a hand over hand milking motion completed on a semi-erect penis that forces blood into the organ and causes an enhancement over time. It is usually done on a daily basis beginning with 100 strokes while working toward the goal of 500 strokes.

Using extenders to lengthen the penis has also been proven as a permanent male enhancement. The penis is inserted into the extender which applies traction to the organ making the cells to expand and multiply which promotes extra growth. Multiple studies have been conducted showing that stretching is an effect way to have lasting male enhancement. The extender is typically used for a minimum of four hours each day for at least six months. This results in a 2 centimeter or more enhancement of a flaccid penis. Extenders did not make any change in the girth of a penis.