Permanent Penis Enlargement – Is it Even Possible?

by Nick Swanson

For millions of men, permanent penis enlargement is a goal that they dream of reaching. While some are lucky enough to be satisfied with their penis size, many more wish that they could find a method of permanent penis enlargement that really works and obtain the size that they’ve always wanted. There are countless options out there for permanent penis enlargement, and most people realize that there are few real results waiting for them. But are there some methods of Permanent Penis Enlargement that actually work? It’s worth looking at a few of the popular options and trying to determine just how effective they really are.

Permanent Penis Enlargement

It’s worth mentioning that despite their promises, pills and supplements are unlikely to provide you with permanent penis enlargement. Instead, they boost blood flow into the penis and increase the size of your erections. Your penis will be bigger than before when erect, but will return to its usual size when flaccid. While this isn’t a major concern for some people, those looking for permanent penis enlargement will need to look on. However, some penis pills include guides to exercises like jelqing which can actually deliver slight permanent penis enlargement results if done regularly and properly.

Somewhat similar to jelqing is a vacuum pump, a method for Permanent Penis Enlargement than many have likely heard of. Mainly used to treat erection problems, some studies have found that permanent penis enlargement can occur as a result of regularly using the vacuum pump. Also on the market is a device known as a penis extender. This device applies stretching pressure to the penis for long periods of time, and some studies have found permanent penis enlargement does occur for some men when they use extenders regularly. Weights have also been used for Permanent Penis Enlargement, but they are more uncomfortable than an extender is likely to be.

The main things to consider when looking into permanent penis enlargement are that it can take several months to notice any real results from your efforts, and you’ll have to use your tool or exercises regularly during those months. Also, some studies have found that permanent penis enlargement as a result of these techniques or devices was primarily only experienced by men with inadequate dimensions of the penis. Studies involving average sized men haven’t been done, so results are impossible to know. Still, there are some methods of permanent penis enlargement that could technically work to add up to an inch of length to your penis.