Permanent Penis Growth – Ways to Gain Penis Growth

A multitude of products make their debut every day with the promise of male enhancement. While the success of some of the products may be questioned by some, there are ways to gain inches on both the length and the width of the penis. Most male enhancement merchandise can provide a temporary change but for those looking for permanent penis growth what choices are available to them.

Permanent Penis Growth

Men seeking permanent penis growth should probably not expect any major changes from the plethora of pills and supplements in the stores today. The pills, lotions and other supplements promise increased sexual performance and male enhancement through the combination of all natural herbs and amino acids in them. While these offerings may provide a temporary improvement, they do not deliver the long-lasting change many men are searching for. After the supplement leaves the system, the changes are gone as well.

Options with the most likelihood of permanent penis growth are those that involve exercises or tools. The most widely used tool is the penis vacuum pump. The vacuum pump is traditionally used for men with impotence problems but is growing in use with men who want to see an increase in penis size. The vacuum pump places a continuous suction on the penis and pulls blood into the organ. The organ sees an immediate temporary increase after the pump is used but that increase does diminish after the treatment. However, over time and continuous use of the pump a small permanent growth is seen in vacuum pump users. Stretchers can also be used to obtain an increase in penis size. Stretchers and weights are used to apply continuous tension to the organ to promote new tissue growth. The tissues can also swell providing a larger enhancement.

The oldest and most well-known method for obtaining permanent penis growth is an Arabic hand exercise called “jelqing” or milking. The exercise begins by heating the penis to warm and loosen it up for approximately 10 minutes. After warming up, the penis is stroked in an up and down motion with alternating hands to force the blood into the organ. Exercises start at 100 strokes with the goal of working up to 500 strokes per day. The exercise is not meant to cause pain and the man should not reach orgasm during the exercise. If the feeling hits, the exercises should end until the feeling passes. Men who have done this exercise report an addition of two to four inches in length and one to two inches in girth.