Potency in Men – Tips on Increasing Virility

by Nick Swanson

The topic of potency in men refers to two separate categories. The first category refers to the strength of your penis, which many view as how long you last in bed. The second category of potency in men refers to the amount of sperm produced during an orgasm. The amount of sperm also relates to the potency of the sperm and your ability to reproduce. You might seek information on potency in men because you and your partner are trying to get pregnant and cannot, or because you consider trying for a child in the future.

The first thing to look at in regards to potency in men is the sperm topic. When a man ejaculates or reaches orgasm, he produces one teaspoon to several teaspoons of sperm. This might not sound like a lot, but it is when you consider the amount of sperm available in that same amount. It is enough sperm to produce dozens of children. The virility of the sperm is more important than the amount, especially in regards to potency in men. Virility is the strength of the sperm and how fast the sperm moves to the egg. The sperm must connect with the egg, which begins the fertilization process. If your sperm are not virile, you may need more information on potency in men.

The strength of the penis plays a key role in how many men view the topic of potency in men. Many men suffer from problems attaining an erection and making that erection last long enough for sexual intercourse. The problem can result in performance anxiety and stress, or lead to depression. Doctors treating potency in men often recommend natural solutions for the problem. The natural remedies reduce stress, increase the strength of the penis, and generally lead to a better or improved potency in men.

Natural remedies, including devices and herbal reliefs help those plagued with potency in men issues and problems. The vacuum pump, for example, helps increase penis size, which helps men worried that their penis is too small. Topical creams are recommended for those with potency in men issues relating to premature ejaculation and impotence. The creams can force an erection, or numb the penis, which makes an erection last longer. The topic of potency in men covers a number of issues and complications. No two men suffer from the exact problem and while many problems are similar in nature, only you know exactly what you need.