Precautions After Low T Diagnosis

When your doctor tells you it’s low T, you might be at a loss as to what to do next. Until recently, there wasn’t that much information on the problem of low T in men, so doctors and the general public didn’t talk much about it. Now that more information has come to life about how men’s hormones change as they get older, it’s possible to treat low T more easily – and more men are coming forward to seek treatment for their low libido, fatigue, and loss of energy.

Some lowering of libido and energy is to be expected as a man ages, but when men have low T they are really suffering and not at all like they were when they were younger. Men who’ve been told it’s low T are often in andropause, which is the male form of menopause. Men in this particular time of life aren’t sure why they feel so rundown, until they visit their doctor and have their testosterone levels checked. After they’ve gotten the diagnoses, they’ll have some options. They can accept the diagnosis and do nothing, or they can seek out treatments that can help them to feel better.

If you’ve been told its low T, be sure to ask your doctor what kinds of options you have. Depending on your age and overall physical condition you may or may not be able to take testosterone to boost your levels. Some men can tolerate this quite easily, but other men may not feel well if they try to raise their testosterone levels. They may feel better in time, but the balancing of hormones can be a delicate thing. Just ask any woman who’s in perimenopause how she feels about her hormone fluctuations as her reproductive life comes to an end.

Take some time to look at your options and think about what you want to do. Even once you’ve been told it’s low T, it’s not something you have to worry about or address right away. It’s not a dangerous condition. It’s just a different condition than you’re used to. Over time, most men adjust to their new energy level and star to feel good again, but some men are more interested in feeling good right away. Provided they are otherwise healthy, those men may be among the best candidates for testosterone to boost their levels, since that can make a relatively rapid change in how a man feels.