Premature Ejaculation Causes – The Physical Issues

by Nick Swanson

There are two basic types of premature ejaculation causes – psychological and physical. While the psychological ones are often more complex, more common, and harder to understand, the physical premature ejaculation causes are no laughing matter and cause serious issues when it comes to sex. Psychological problems can usually be overcome through counseling or medication, but overcoming the physical premature ejaculation causes generally involves patience and determination. In most instances, steps taken to gain some measure of control over the body and over your orgasms are the best methods of overcoming physical issues. First, however, it’s important to understand what the most common physical premature ejaculation causes actually are.

Premature Ejaculation Causes

Abnormal levels of hormones or certain chemicals in the body are thought to be two of the leading Premature Ejaculation Causes. The basic reason behind this is that the increased levels of hormones or chemicals causes the penis to be more sensitive than it normally would which in turn makes it more difficult to control orgasms. Thyroid issues could also play a role and be one of the premature ejaculation causes. In these cases, testing and controlling the levels involved could play a major part in dealing with the issue. Certain medications can help normalize the chemistry that serve as premature ejaculation causes.

Other physical premature ejaculation causes can be chalked up to nothing more than a lack of control. Some men either can’t identify that an orgasm is about to occur or are unable to stop it from occurring quickly. Premature ejaculation causes involving a lack of control are normally treated with some basic exercises. Methods like the ‘start and stop’ method or the ‘squeeze’ method are used to help identify orgasms and prevent them. With practice, many suffering from premature ejaculation can gain complete control over their issue through these simple exercises, effectively eliminating premature ejaculation causes and the issue itself.

Other Premature Ejaculation Causes like an abnormal reflex within the ejaculatory system or inflammation in the prostate can be assessed and treated as well. Options like desensitizing creams or even certain medications that affect serotonin levels may be used to control premature ejaculation causes, but drugs are usually a last resort. Knowing the premature ejaculation causes can help you understand the best methods of treating the conditions. Whether they’re physical or psychological in nature, it is possible to overcome the condition and stop being ashamed of your sexual performance.