Premature Ejaculation Cream – Reduce Premature Ejaculation Every Time

Imagine watching the most beautiful woman in the world with a disappointed look on her face because you had a fast orgasm. Now, imagine the look on her face when you last longer, thanks to a premature ejaculation cream. One of the best ways to delay your orgasm and spend more time in bed is with the use of a premature ejaculation cream. The creams typically use the same type of numbing agents that your dentist uses, which makes you last longer. You can use a premature ejaculation cream every time you have sex, or when needed.

Premature Ejaculation Cream

Numbing agents numb the skin it touches, which reduces pain and other sensations. Prior to having dental work, the dentist applies a topical cream or ointment and lets the cream do its job. A premature ejaculation cream works the same way, but still lets you feel the pleasure associated with sexual intercourse. One of the top causes of premature ejaculation is feeling too much pleasure too quickly. Using a premature ejaculation cream decreases sensation, which lets you delay orgasm and have a longer erection. Use a premature ejaculation cream every time you have sex because the creams are safe for use.

When you use a topical cream, such as one at the dentist, you might notice that the effects linger for several hours. The same holds true when using a premature ejaculation cream, which is why you use the cream prior to sexual intercourse. Manufacturers typically recommend that you apply the premature ejaculation cream to the penis a few hours before intercourse. Just before you have intercourse, wipe off the excess cream with a soft cloth or damp cloth. Your penis absorbs the premature ejaculation cream, leading to the numbness, which increases your sexual ability.

The biggest advantage to applying a premature ejaculation cream is that it can increase staying power for up to an hour or longer. This lets you impress your partner and have the type of sex life you never thought you could have. The longer you leave the premature ejaculation cream on your penis, the more effective it is and the longer you last. Do not worry about not feeling your partner because while the cream reduces sensitivity, it does not stop all feelings and sensations. You can feel your partner more when using a premature ejaculation cream than using a condom, but it delays your orgasm for a longer period of time.