Premature Ejaculation Disorders – How To Prevent It?

If you or your spouse is experiencing man premature ejaculation issues, understand that there are a number of variables that could be attributing to this disorder, and that it’s a fairly common sexual / psychological disorder that couples face. Mens premature ejaculation can create frustration in a relationship when the woman is unable to correspond to her husband’s orgasms, and the sex is ended quickly after the man feels physically expired and unable to maintain a new erection post coitus. Unlike erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation is unrelated to issues of the libido or blood flow, and is often attributed to psychiatric disorders.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for a doctor to attribute man premature ejaculation issues to a disorder like depression, thereby prescribing anti-depressants. The behavior could be a subconscious type of passive-aggressive behavior that continually manifests itself, even without the victim of the disorder being unaware that there is a pre-meditated intention to continue the mens premature ejaculation behavior. Often, a skilled sex therapist will explore the nature of the relationship and help the couple learn what motivation could be precipitating the premature ejaculation habits. Unresolved issues or even past traumas could be conditioning this type of behavior.

There are also instances when man premature ejaculation issues are actually more attributed to the woman. If a woman is unable to achieve orgasm, or takes a very long time to climax, the man may inevitably achieve orgasm even before she is ready. Such conditions may require a natural enhancement for women strategy, such as certain vitamins and a diet to enhance a woman’s libido, or even certain medications. However, more often the inability for a woman to achieve orgasm is also related to psychological issues which can be worked out through a trained sex therapist, relationship counselor or psychiatrist.

Commonly the man will be told to practice natural ejaculation control techniques. This is a common way to treat man premature ejaculation related conditions. This involves the couple focusing more on arousal versus explicit genital stimulation, and for the man to pay closer attention to his body, and learn to control movements that bring him closer to climax. With a fair amount of practice, a man may learn to completely control his orgasms, and know precisely what motions initiate climax the fastest. By understanding the way his own body responds, a man can allow orgasms to be timed between him and his partner, for maximum effect and pleasure.