Anesthetic Gel – A Low Cost Premature Ejaculation Gel

by Nick Swanson

According to clinical studies, the actual definition of premature ejaculation is fairly rigorous. Usually, the man has difficulty restraining orgasm in almost every sexual encounter in his life, the involuntary orgasm comes within the first two minutes of intercourse, does not improve, and may involve climaxing even before penetration. While a small portion of the population certainly meet that criteria, most men will fall somewhere in between. Most men would consider premature ejaculation to be the inability to hold off orgasm until he or his partner desires. Couples may resort to premature ejaculation gel, counseling, or the squeeze technique for help.

Many theories have been bandied about regarding the nature of the premature ejaculation phenomenon. One of the most common states that men who have been circumcised have a far greater chance for premature ejaculation, due to the extra sensitivity of the penile tip during intercourse. Enterprising couples and sexual therapists have turned to an anesthetic cream that works as a numbing cream for a premature ejaculation gel. One popular theory states that involuntary spasms of the penis is what causes premature ejaculation, and many couples try squeeze the base of the penis until the spasm has passed, thus preventing orgasm.

There are more remedies available than any one person could ever try. It is important to do thorough research on each and every product before trying anything new. There are occasional downsides for several of these remedies. For example, the premature ejaculation gel may remove sensation so much that the man is unable to keep an erection. The squeeze technique requires exquisite timing, and couples may get discouraged. Before purchasing any herbal remedy, it is crucial to carefully look over all of the ingredients to make sure there will not be any side-effects or issues with medications currently being ingested.

Consider the availability of over the counter remedies for premature ejaculation. The ingredients in many enhancement supplements use Horny Goat Weed. Is that going to be an easy product to find? The premature ejaculation gel is usually easy to locate at any drug store, so if it is a successful tool, it will be easy to replace. It is always a good idea to visit with a doctor before ingesting or applying any sort of medication, herbal or not. It may be difficult to be open about premature ejaculation, but being open could lead to a greater understanding of and treatment of the problem.