Premature Ejaculation Help – Creating a Healthy Intimate Environment

by Nick Swanson

Premature Ejaculation Help
One of the biggest challenges for sex therapists is getting couples to work together to solve their problems. When people experience sexual dysfunction, they often feel insecure and embarrassed about their problems. They hate the fact that they have a problem and they want to fix it, but they dread talking about it. Facing the challenge is tough, especially when you do it on your own. The fact is if you are in a committed relationship, any problem you have with intimacy is affecting your partner as much as it affects you. Whether you need premature ejaculation help or you are struggling with other issues, your partner needs to be supportive and help you find a solution.

The benefit of working together is that you have someone you can confide it. In the long run, dealing with problems together makes for a more intimate relationship. Greater intimacy enhances your ability to enjoy each other in the bedroom. Though it might seem excruciating right now to discuss that you are struggling with, opening yourself up to your partner will create a deeper bond. Revealing vulnerabilities is one of the most effective ways to enhance your sex life. As you get to know one another and grow more intimate with each other, your sex life will improve.

Unfortunately, too many couples retreat into their own selves when they are struggling with a sexual problem. They feel embarrassed and they are concerned their partners are going to judge them. Imagine trying to have a healthy, strong relationship with someone you feel is judging you. If this were really occurring, you would be better off ending the relationship. You need to realize that anyone worth being intimate with is going to understand your sexual problem does not define who you are. They are going to want to go through the struggle with you.

If you are in a healthy relationship, accept the fact that you have a supportive partner. You might cringe initially when you think about sharing your deepest darkest secrets, but in the long run it will pay off. The two of you can learn and grow, resulting in a deeper bond and more satisfying sex. Instead of shutting your partner out, include them in your concerns and your struggles. It might be possible to find a solution faster if you are working together. You might even find something you have concerns about is not a problem at all.