Premature Ejaculation – Know Symptoms And Treatments

by graham

You might be surprised how common mens premature ejaculation really is. This is mostly a psychological disorder, and it may have some connection related to disorders like depression, or even passive aggressive behavior. Typically, a couple will see a sex therapist for male premature ejaculation treatment because of an unsatisfying sex life. When the man continually miss-times his orgasm, the woman is often left feeling distressed, frustrated, or unsatisfied by a lack of sexual pleasure. On the same note, the man may experience long term feelings of shame or guilt as a result of an untreated man premature ejaculation issue. Usually the best route to treat this disorder is by making an appointment with a quality sex therapist, and figuring out the root cause of this destructive behavior.

Typically, the most common mens premature ejaculation treatment is some combination of natural ejaculation control methods and sex or relationship counseling. The control methods primarily involve learning how to monitor your body’s levels of sexual stimulation, and timing the amount of direct genital stimulation. The objective is to maximize the amounts of sexual arousal while decreasing the time until orgasm occurs. This is a reliable method of controlling male orgasm dysfunction, however it may take a level of practice. Many couples report improved sex lives after a period of sex therapy that teaches these techniques.

Sometimes the issue with mens premature ejaculation is mostly passive aggressive in nature. A sex therapist or psychiatrist may recommend therapy sessions to figure out if there is any kind of unresolved issues that are manifesting themselves in the bedroom. It’s also possible that the professional help could lead to a prescription for antidepressants. Sometimes the continual sexual problems can lead to a high level of stress, leading to depression. Or, in other circumstances, the depression itself is actually the cause of the male orgasm dysfunction, and is part of a series of psychological complications that resulted in unsatisfying sex.

Sometimes the mens premature ejaculation is actually related to the woman. If a woman cannot achieve orgasm, the man may simply be experiencing orgasm at the proper time, but the woman remains unsatisfied because of her lack of sexual pleasure. This issue could be explored the therapist, and they may even recommend a level of psychotherapy for the woman. The inability for a woman to achieve orgasm is often similar to mens impotence, and could be from a variety of factors, from hormonal issues to diet, stress, and psychological factors.