Premature Ejaculation Nasal Spray – Is it Worth Considering?

by Nick Swanson

With premature ejaculation currently the most common sexual issue in men younger than forty, it’s surprising that the treatments for it are relatively benign. For most people, simple exercises or some basic stamina techniques will be more than enough to deal with the issue. Others may some extra measures. One development in this area is premature ejaculation nasal spray, and while it might sound like a gimmick the truth is that premature ejaculation nasal spray could be one of the most effective solutions available for those dealing with the issue. Learning more about premature ejaculation nasal spray will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Premature Ejaculation Nasal Spray

Using premature ejaculation nasal spray works just like it sounds. By squirting the product into your nose and inhaling it you will be treating your condition. The method of delivery may be new, but the drugs in premature ejaculation nasal spray are anything but. One of the most common methods of treating this issue involves prescription antidepressants. SSRI drugs like Zoloft or Paxil have a side effect of increasing the amount of time it takes a man to reach orgasm. And Anafranil, the most common ingredient in Premature Ejaculation Nasal Spray, is one of these SSRI antidepressants.

The advantage premature ejaculation nasal spray has over oral drugs is mainly that it enters your blood stream faster and provides quicker results. It’s important to note that premature ejaculation nasal spray is sold in some countries as a ‘last-longer’ drug. It is, however, a prescription strength drug which means you should never purchase it off the street and should always talk to your physician before you use it. Like other antidepressants, premature ejaculation nasal spray has a variety of different side effects that are possible and dependence upon it could even become an issue. Because of this, other options are usually considered first.

The main problem with Premature Ejaculation Nasal Spray, and the reason that most doctors are hesitant to recommend it, is that little research into its effectiveness for the issue has been completed. Some users report huge improvements when they use premature ejaculation nasal spray while others report no effects from it at all. While there is some promise to be found in premature ejaculation nasal spray, your physician will likely suggest a long list of other options to try before it becomes a serious option. There are a number of effective remedies for the condition, and you will be able to find one that works.