Premature Ejaculation Problems – Do You Know The Signs Of PE?

Are you having issues performing in bed? There may be an underlying issue you don’t know of, or don’t want to face. These can be low libido, sexual stamina or premature ejaculation problems. They affect a majority of men, and because it is such as sensitive subject, it can be hard to talk about. PE is treatable, and can be treated with supplements, exercise and proper nutrition. The fact is you must be able to understand and know the signs of these sexual issues. Coming to terms with them is the best way to minimize their presence.

Premature Ejaculation Problems

Some sexual issues can be attributed to mental and physical health. While this plays a big role, it is not the only reason that causes it. Premature ejaculation problems have been linked to diseases like diabetes or hyperthyroidism. An easy sign of PE is releasing sperm too early. Some cases have shown men to ejaculate within thirty seconds. Others have been able to sustain their erection for at least four minutes. If you fall within one of these time-frames, you may be suffering from PE. This is, however, not a set rule of thumb. Sometimes a man may release too early, despite the length of time, during the sexual encounter to please their partner properly.

Another contributing factor to premature ejaculation problems are low libido. The sexual activity in a man may gradually decline over time or not. It purely depends on the individual. However, sometimes the libido may decline for simpler reasons such as depression, stress or anxiety. A low sex drive consists of no desire for intercourse, lack of sensual excitement, or by seeing sex as a burden instead of a pleasure. There are supplements that can help raise a man’s libido. Also, good diet and exercise can contribute their part in raising sexual activity.

Stamina is important for performing great in bed. Having low stamina can be a basis for premature ejaculation problems and can ruin the experience. What can cause your stamina to be so low? Many issues or problems may attribute to low stamina. However, you must attribute these factors to your own situation. You may be under much stress at work. Or, perhaps your diet isn’t the best. Being overweight is a big factor that causes your body to become sluggish and tire easily. When you define what may be causing the loss of stamina in your body, eliminate or reduce it as much as possible.