Best Premature Ejaculation Products

by Nick Swanson

The secret to lasting longer in the bedroom is to dull the senses. The best premature ejaculation products dull the senses felt by the penis. During sexual intercourse, a man uses every one of his senses. He can smell his partner, feel his partner’s skin on his, see the naked body in front of him, touch his partner, and hear every noise that his partner makes. Every one of those sensations leads to his final response, which is his orgasm. By dulling even one of those senses, the man can fight against his premature ejaculation.

Best Premature Ejaculation Products

The most common type of premature ejaculation products is desensitizing products. The spray version comes in a small plastic or metal can with a spray button or nozzle on the top. Prior to the sexual act, the man lightly sprays the bottle on his penis, which coats the skin with a light mist. The penis slowly absorbs the spray liquid and effectively numbs the area. When the man embarks on any type of sexual activity, the penis feels less sensation. Depending on the effectiveness of the product, the man can last for up to 60 minutes or longer.

A similar product is a desensitizing cream. The cream has a thick consistency, similar to the night cream or moisturizers used by women. The lotion form is not as thick and has a consistency like sunscreen or hand lotion. Both premature ejaculation products work like the desensitizing spray by numbing the penis and dulling its sensations. The sprays and creams work best when combined with a condom. The condom alone is enough to dull the penis long enough for sexual intercourse, but the combination of a cream or spray helps the man last longer than with the condom alone.

Some men swear by herbal and vitamin supplements designed to aid in premature ejaculation. The supplements increase circulation and help the man maintain his erection longer than he did before. The best premature ejaculation products are usually the creams and sprays. These products work effectively regardless of the reason for the premature ejaculation. A man can use the products whether he has a mental condition or a biological condition that causes premature ejaculation. When used as directed, most men find that they can go for twice as long as they did before. The only problem is that the products numb anything they touch, including the hands.