Premature Ejaculation Solutions – When Exercises and Counseling Don’t Work

by Nick Swanson

There are a wide range of different premature ejaculation solutions out there for men dealing with the issue. Some work better than others, and for most men some basic exercises, lifestyle changes, and relaxation techniques are the only premature ejaculation solutions needed to improve sexual stamina. But when the basic premature ejaculation solutions fail to work, additional steps could be needed. Most of them are last resorts, used only after other premature ejaculation solutions have been tried. If counseling, relaxation techniques, sexual exercises, and lifestyle changes don’t work, only then will these additional measures be considered by a physician.

Premature Ejaculation Solutions

The next step in Premature Ejaculation Solutions will likely be prescription antidepressants. SSRI drugs like Zoloft, Paxil, and Prozac have a long list of side effects and one of them happens to be increased duration needed to reach climax. The reason that these premature ejaculation solutions are normally a last resort despite their effectiveness is simple. The side effects can range from mild to severe, and dependence can even occur. Add to that the fact that these premature ejaculation solutions are fairly costly, especially compared to the free alternatives, and it isn’t hard to see why they’re generally only used after other steps have failed.

If prescription drugs fail to work then the next step for premature ejaculation solutions is likely to be injections made directly into the penis. About seventy percent of those treated with this step had success at controlling their orgasms better, but few men relish the idea of injections being made into their penis. Side effects vary as well, but men looking for premature ejaculation solutions may be willing to try anything – including injections. If both of these premature ejaculation solutions still fail to solve the problem then there is one option left that may be considered, but only in severe cases.

The most extreme of the various Premature Ejaculation Solutions is undoubtedly surgery. The surgery normally used to treat the issue involves incisions that effectively sever the nerves within the penis. Basically, it causes the penis to become much number than it normally would be and therefore improves the ability to last longer during sex. The reason it’s only tried after all other premature ejaculation solutions is failed is obvious since it’s a surgery that involves real risks and real side effects. Plus, it’s a temporary fix and full feeling will likely return to the penis after about six months. These are the three premature ejaculation solutions available if all else fails. Hopefully less invasive measure will be successful for your issue.