Premature Ejaculation Therapy – Help that Doctors Recommend

by Nick Swanson

Premature Ejaculation Therapy

There are many ways to treat sexual issues—the primary complaint being premature ejaculation. However, it is an issue that can be solved, and using your doctor’s help can make it less of an embarrassing situation. There is a selection of premature ejaculation therapy that your doctor may recommend. Some you can do on your own. If you prefer, you can also include supplements with your therapy to help reduce your PE. Your doctor may also recommend other therapy, which is not directly associated with PE. This includes stress relieving, good eating and exercise.

Relieving stress is a sure method of premature ejaculation therapy. While everyone suffers some form of stress, there is no need to have it nag you continually. Stress cannot also be completely eliminated from one’s life. The important thing to do is to reduce it. In order to do this, consider doing exercises such as yoga. This form of exercise forces the body to maintain specific positions for a period of time. It allows the body to challenge muscles not usually used during a fast aerobic workout. Yoga also tests your body by keeping the muscles engaged during a specified time period. This helps with extending stamina.

Depression also plays a big part in sexual intimacy. This is because your mood depends on how you will perform. Some doctors will use this as premature ejaculation therapy. The reason is that research has found that when serotonin is blocked from the receptors, the body will not respond properly. You may, in a fashion, be ready to release sooner than you want to. Or, it may inhibit your libido all together. Doctors may recommend medicine that will counter depression and allow for the release of serotonin. Also, using natural supplements in your daily routine is a good idea.

Medication may be the primary therapy your doctor will recommend. However, not all premature ejaculation therapy has to be with the use of medicine. Using methods like the stop-start technique can help achieve the delay in ejaculation. This takes time and practice to really work properly. You may also want to utilize a premature ejaculation spray. Use one that has good reviews from customers. Because they have purchased a spray, they will be able to give you good insight as to whether it works or not. Also, talk with your partner and try foreplay before going straight to intercourse. It may work better by getting her ready before you ejaculate.