Premature Ejaculation Tips – Hints for supporting Longevity

by Nick Swanson

Premature ejaculation can affect a man’s sex life as much as erectile dysfunction. But unlike erectile dysfunction, overcoming the issue usually involves a bit more than just taking a little blue pill. There are some options for treating it, of course, and there are plenty of premature ejaculation tip designed to help people get the most from their treatment of it as well as to add some extra steps that can be used for it into your arsenal. Premature ejaculation tips range from the obvious to the surprising, but knowing as many of the premature ejaculation tips that you possibly can will help you tremendously.

Premature Ejaculation Tips

First of all, and probably the most important of all the Premature Ejaculation Tips, familiarize yourself with the stop-start technique. By recognizing when you’re about to have an orgasm you can prolong sex by simply withdrawing and waiting until the sensation passes by. It’s an easy to learn method, and many of the other premature ejaculation tips only expand on this basic principal. Another of the premature ejaculation tips to remember is to communicate during sex. If your partner needs to slow down in order to prolong the sexual intercourse, let them know. They’re likely as interested in you are at keeping the process going for more than a few seconds.

Many premature ejaculation tips involve desensitizing the penis during sexual intercourse. Common premature ejaculation tips usually involve using numbing creams or lotions but a simpler trick could be to just slip on a condom. It could be enough to decrease sensitivity and support your longevity. Even something as simple as trying different sexual positions could be one of the best tricks to improve your ability to last, since certain men experience heightened sensitivity in certain positions. It may sound silly, but it’s actually one of the most successful premature ejaculation tips out there.

Premature Ejaculation Tips like these are well known, but one you may not be aware of simply involves your breathing. Controlled breathing can help to relax your body during sex and can support your ability to control your orgasms. And consider using items like constriction rings that will engorge the penis and help you last longer. Some people don’t think of these ‘sex toys’ when they think of premature ejaculation tips but they can very well be. And finally, the most surprising premature ejaculation tips involve basic lifestyle changes. More exercise, a healthy diet, and no smoking can work wonders for your staying power.