How Does the Premature Ejaculation Tube Work?

by Nick Swanson

Premature Ejaculation Tube

One of the newest innovations in the world of sexual dysfunction is the premature ejaculation tube. Any condition or problem that relates to sexual activity is a type of sexual dysfunction.

With premature ejaculation, a man has an orgasm within minutes or seconds of experiencing any form of sexual stimulation. The problem typically relates to a specific type of stimulation, such as sexual intercourse or visual stimulation. Men can find dozens of different products designed to stop premature ejaculation, including the device known as the tube.

The tube is a long shaft roughly the same size and shape as the average penis. The man slips the premature ejaculation tube over his penis. The tube has a separate pump that attaches to the end or the bottom of the tube. This same device is an effective way of battling impotence.

The man slowly pumps the tube, which pulls blood into the penis and helps the man form an erection. The man can continue pumping the vacuum on the tube and the sensation feels pleasurable. The sensation helps a man reach an orgasm. Some men use this when they suffer from delayed ejaculation because it helps him reach orgasm faster.

The main reason this works for men suffering from premature ejaculation is because it lets the man practice sexual activity. The man can time how long it takes for him to have an orgasm when using the device and slowly increase that amount of time with regular use. The best thing about the premature ejaculation tube is that it works when combined with other treatments. The tube lets the man practice his reaction during sexual activity, even when he does not have a partner standing in front of him.

This device is also suitable for sexual intercourse or any other type of sexual activity. Once the man reaches an orgasm, he might have problems obtaining an erection, which makes it difficult to pleasure his partner. The premature ejaculation tube lets the man quickly get a second erection.

After he reaches his orgasm, he slips on the tube and activates the pump. The second orgasm lets the man last a little longer during the sexual act and gives him enough time to finish pleasuring his partner. Some couples even use the tube as part of their regular bedroom activities, by having a fast sexual encounter and using the tube for a longer encounter later.