Primary Reason for Erectile Dysfunction in Men and Treatment Methods

If you are unable to maintain an erection while having sex, the results can be devastating. Not only does it affect the man, but also their partner. But, reasons for ED it is not always your fault. And, there are ways to treat erectile dysfunction. The main cause of premature ejaculation comes from lack of blood flow to the penis. There are hollow chambers inside the member that fill with blood in order to stand it erect. When these chambers do not receive additional blood flow, the penis remains limp. There is treatment you can receive.

Sometimes blood flow can be inhibited from diabetes. This disease is the result of little to no insulin being produced by the body. Improper care of diabetes is one of the reasons for ED. If you have diabetes, and are experiencing erectile dysfunction, you may not be following the proper care techniques. Diabetes, when at its worse, will cut off blood flow to parts of your body. This does include your penis. While the effect is worse in the feet, your member can suffer just as well. This is embarrassing for many men, and treatment of a physician is necessary. Don’t be ashamed to talk to your doctor. This is the best way to receive treatment.

Excessive use of alcohol or illegal substances is reasons for ED. Alcohol thins the blood, allowing it to run more freely. The problem is too much can kill your libido. It is harder to have sex while very drunk, let alone have an erection. Using illegal substances can inhibit an erection for one primary reason. They affect your brain. Your brain controls many functions of your body. If you have been using hard illegal substances, you can severely damage your brain to the point of a vegetative state. Abstain from using these substances if you can.

Injuries are other reasons for ED. These can range from hits to the groin area, exposure to a harmful chemical or other like injuries. Not all hits to the groin result in erectile dysfunction. Sometimes it can only be a one-time shot that does it. In the military, some men have been compensated indefinitely due to losing control of their penis. This is because they had been stationed in an area with highly toxic chemicals. Situations like this can also cause sterility in some men. In this case, most of these individuals were compensated for their loss and given healthcare to assist with their problem.