Procedures & Methods for Penis Enlargement

by Nick Swanson

A lot of men from all ages and walks of life have the constant obsession and desire to add more size to their penis size. This has created and expanded the market for penis enlargement. As a result all sorts of products and techniques such as surgeries, massage therapies, penis exercises, vacuum gadgets, potions and pills are offered the man who desires a bigger penis. These choices can confuse the interested parties and separating the bad from the good choices entails a little but thorough research. Listed below are the most popular choices for penis enlargement.

Potions and Pills

Procedures & Methods for Penis Enlargement

Drug manufacturers and many pharmaceutical companies are constantly manufacturing potions, lotions and pills for penis enlargement. Certain numbers of these substances even come with sure promise of results within a short period of time. These products may help achieve and sustain erection but they do not change the girth or length of the penis at all.

Vacuum Devices

Vacuum devices proliferate in the male enhancement market today but many of these gadgets are merely to address impotence. They can increase penis size albeit temporarily. Vacuum devices also called pumps are usually placed over the penis. The pump draws out air that induces pressure and forces blood to enter the penis. The result is quick erection and increase penis size. Also, in order not to allow the blood to immediately exit the penis, a ring is placed at the base of the penis. The penis can attain a larger size for a whole day. Beware of badly designed pumps that can cause injury like blood vessel rupture in the penis. These can cause swelling and pain.

Massage Techniques and Exercises

There are a great number of massage techniques and exercises to increase the size of your penis. However, most of these techniques can also only provide temporary results.

Surgical Solutions

Surgery is a very radical option for penis enlargement. It does have a permanent effect but it has drawbacks as well. For one, penis enlargement surgeries can cause more than $15,000 and of course since it is surgery there are risks and side effects involved with this type of procedure. Some of the other drawbacks include:

  • Possible dissatisfaction with the outcome – This kind of surgery does not guarantee patient satisfaction.
  • This type of surgery can breed anxiety which can affect the person during lovemaking.
  • Surgical procedures are risky – This procedure can go awry and can cause problems like reactions to anesthesia or drugs, nerve and tissue damage and infections.

The best way to go about finding the best penis enlargement technique for you is to consult with your doctor who may know the best way to safely and effectively address your penis enlargement needs.