Prolonging Ejaculation – Maintain it Longer for a Better Experience

It can be embarrassing to ejaculate too early during intercourse. Your partner may not appreciate it, and you can take a hit to your pride. But, you don’t have to suffer with PE. There are ways and methods of prolonging ejaculation. Some good suggestions include the use of sprays. Some of these sprays come highly regarded by both consumers and doctors. Training yourself to not ejaculate early is another way to postpone it. This technique requires practice and patience. There is also a way to include your partner to help with your PE.

Stimulating your partner before intercourse can help prolonging ejaculation. Some men may believe that repeatedly thrusting their partner is what will give them the ultimate pleasure. But, this isn’t always so. Some women enjoy foreplay, or acting out a scenario. This can be found out by talking, and finding out what each other enjoys and expects from sex. This method is actually helpful since a woman has a tendency to not reach a climax for 10 minutes or longer. Work your partner up, and pace yourself as you do so. Don’t be ready to jump in too fast, take it slowly.

The training method that is used in prolonging ejaculation is known as the stop-start technique. The name states the exact way to delay PE. What you do is masturbate using a dry hand. Go slowly and work yourself up to the point of near ejaculation. However, do not allow yourself to release. Either slow your pace or release your member all together. Take a breath, relax and let the emotion fade. Once it does, begin again. This method is done at least four or five times. It helps you control your ejaculation and trains you to last longer.

Using premature ejaculation sprays have been shown to help with PE. Most of these sprays tend to use numbing agents. Numbing agents work great in prolonging ejaculation. They are typically applied to the shaft of the penis. They can be used during intercourse or for masturbation purposes. In fact, using them in conjunction with the stop-start technique can better your chances for success. However, since they are also used in sex, there is a reason to be cautious. The numbing agent may have a tendency to numb up your partner, thus making their climax longer. If you use a spray, try to find one with less numbing agents and more natural ingredients.