L-Arginine Ingredients

by Cheryl Powers

The substance L-Arginine is a common amino acid that is naturally maintained in a healthy body. However, in some people, particularly men in the middle age and older, these levels may be depleted which can lead to problems with, among other conditions, erectile function. L-Arginine can be found in foods such as meat and dairy but it can also be bought in the form of an oral supplement. In addition to sexual perofrmance, L-Arginine has been found to benefit athletes and improving overall athletic ability and is also used to treat congestive heart conditions.

L-Arginine Ingredients

The main function of L-Arginine in terms of erectile dysfunction is to relax and widen the blood vessels, allowing for a greater flow of blood to the penile chambers. When these chambers fill with blood, the user can achieve a firmer, stronger and more durable erection which will help improve their sexual performance and stamina. Because of this, L-Arginine is an improtant addition in any non-prescripiton alternative to medications such as Viagra or Cialis, although while these inhibit PDE-5, a sucstance that blocks the erection process, L-Arginine simply supports Nitric Oxide. Also, while Drug medications only require to be taken only prior to sexual activity, a product containing L-Arginine requires daily dosage for a certain amount of time, usually at least 2-3 months.

There have been studies undertaken on the benefits and efficiacy of L-Arginine over the years, and while it has shown to be successful in certain areas (for example in lowering blood pressure) any evidence to prove it’s benefit in erectile dysfunction is largely inconclusive. However, one study did find an improvement in men who took L-Arginine for a total of 6 weeks at it’s optimal dose of 5 grams per day.

The cost of L-Arginine will vary depending on the manufacturer, the purity of the product and the retailer, but generally it is affordable, costing approximately $40.00 for a one month supply.

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