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This is a dietary supplement that is designed to help support the nutritional needs and health of the prostate gland in order to regain its normal functioning. It is a mix of substances that were used traditionally and are being used contemporarily. It is made up of ingredients that are vegetarian and herbal making it an all natural supplement. These ingredients have been said to posses the quality of reducing the enlarged prostate. The prostate enlargement is a condition that occurs in male individuals when they start hitting 40 years and above. Being that the condition comes along with other complications including an alteration in the renal system and sexual performance, it is always advisable that you be keen while choosing a health prostate supplement. The best supplement in this should always be able to treat and maintain all the associated difficulties to the prostate.
Prost RX is available and can be obtained from the Amazon and other online retailers at the price stated below;

  • $ 22.00 per bottle containing 90 capsules.

Manufacturer Information and Its Claims about Prost RX

Prost RX

The product is manufactured in Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc. This company has been attributed to be the leading in producing supplements that involve a high quality combination of traditional and contemporary substances. They claim that Prost RX is among the supplements that are highly reputed with effectiveness in improving the health of the prostate without causing any side effects. According to the product’s manufacturer, it helps men get rid of all the problems related to the prostate enlargement.

How Prost RX Works?

This product works to improve the prostate health in many ways. It contains natural nutrients that help to maintain the normal size of the prostate and reducing the enlarged gland. It as well contains other compounds that help to support the normal functioning of the male reproductive system which studies show to be retarded with the prostate enlargement. The natural vitamins and minerals it contains also aid in improving the overall health of the prostate.

The Ingredients of Prost RX

Prost RX contains a range of ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be effective in improving the health of the prostate. Some of these ingredients have been used with other highly rated supplements of the same kind. The unique compounds contained in the combination are generalized to contribute to the effectiveness of the formula in supporting the health of the prostate. They include;


  • Reduces the size of the enlarged prostate
  • Impedes the synthesis of prostaglandin

Saw Palmetto 45% extract

  • Inhibits the formation of dihydrotestosterone(DHT) which is a hormone that leads to unhealthy prostate gland growth
  • Improves the prostate health by maintaining its normal size


  • Impedes the conversion of Testosterone to DHT


  • Aids in the male reproductive system normal functioning

Vitamin E & Vitamin B6

  • Ensure a normal functioning of the gland

The others that function in a more or less the same way include; Munira Pauama, Lycopene, Zinc, Soy Isoflavones, African Pygeum, Quercetin, Amino acids e.t.c

The Benefits of Prost RX

  • It is reasonably cheap
  • Contain all natural ingredients making it safe to use
  • Treats prostate enlargement
  • Offers relief to other problems associated with the prostate enlargement

The Drawbacks of Prost RX

  • There are some side effects that have been drawn with the use of this product that are however mild.

The Dosage Instructions of Prost RX

For optimum results, take 3 capsules of the product per day. i.e.1 capsule three times daily.

Precautions of Prost RX

  • Ensure that it has a complete seal before starting to use after purchasing. A broken or missing seal implies that the product should not be used.
  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • Keep off from children reach.

The Side Effects of Prost RX

There are some few side effects that have been reported with the product’s improper use. These side effects are however mild and they include, stomach ache, fatigue, weakness; and fade away with a regular use.

Does Prost RX Interact With Other Medications?

Results show that this product is mostly compatible with other medicines and supplements. However to ensure a maximum safety, it is advised that patients undergoing treatments of sugar and blood pressure diseases to consult a doctor prior to use of the product.

Final Verdict

Well, we all have heard or been affected by the problems associated with prostate enlargement. Imagine, the best solution could only be $22.00 away with the most effective supplement in prostate health maintenance. Prost RX is one of the supplements existing in the market to help support the health of your prostate. It is a unique one, designed not only to treat it as a condition but also to offer a relief to the many complications that come along with the enlargement of the prostate. In this angle therefore, we can conclude that the benefits it offers are worth considering the most effective in the industry.

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