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This is a supplement that is designed to help enhance the functioning of the cells in the prostate gland. This therefore takes a good care of the prostate gland health. The dietary supplement contains ingredients that are capable of improving the general health of the prostate by reducing the size of the enlarged prostate. Normally, the size of the prostate increases among male individuals as they age, a condition that affects the normal functioning of the renal system and the male reproductive system as a whole. Prostabel is a dietary supplement and stands at a position to provide the essential nutrients needed to promote the normal functioning of the prostate cells. The ingredients are clinically proven to aid in that function with outstanding effective results.

The product is obtained directly from the manufacturer and other online retailers at the price stated below;

  • $145 per bottle containing 100 capsules.

Manufacturer information and claims about Prostabel


The product was invented by Dr. Mirko Beljanski, a scholar with 50 years experience in biochemistry and Molecular biology. The developer has a standard reputation in developing prostate health care supplements that have been clinically tested to be effective in the improvement of the organ’s health. The claims in the official website page of the product are about the optimal and promising benefits that the product produces. The manufacturer develops this product with a reasoning that many people fail to properly follow appropriate nutritional diet that include vitamins and minerals as well. From this basis, he makes the product with the essential amount of nutrients that are essential in keeping a good health of the prostate.

How Prostabel Works?

This product, unlike other dietary supplements, works to improve the prostate health at a cellular level. It contains super high quality ingredients that are natural and work safely to promote the prostate health by reducing the size of the enlarged prostate and providing the appropriate nutrients to maintain the normal functioning of the organ. The product’s distinct work ability is boosting the immune system by giving a protection to the cells and preventing them from turning into cancer causing cells.

The Ingredients of Prostabel

The ingredients used here are measured in their correct amounts. A capsule that is 350mg contains the following measures of ingredients, which contribute to the improvement of the normal functioning of the prostate. The key ingredients include.

35% purified powdered extracted from Pao Pereira

  • Is an antioxidant
  • Gets rid of harmful substances and toxins from the body.

30% purified powdered Rauwolfia

  • Helps to boost immunity
  • Protects the cells
  • Prevents the normal cells from turning to cells that otherwise may cause cancer.

While other ingredients that are otherwise not explained their functions in the formula include;

  • Tapioca Dextrin
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
  • Microcystalline cellulose

The Benefits of Prostabel

  • Gets rid of undesirable dead cells from our body
  • It improves the physiological functions in the body system of the users
  • Improves the prostate health at large.
  • It helps to promote a natural system; defensive, of the users body

The Draw backs of Prostabel

  • If the dose is not taken on a regular basis, it might not give out the results as desired.
  • It is too expensive

The Dosage Instructions of Prostabel

The normal dose recommended for this product is 10 capsules per day. If your physician instructs otherwise, you should go by what he/she directs. Take the capsules with a full glass of water.


  • Do not exceed the instructed dose of the product.
  • Always keep away from children reach

The Side Effects of Prostabel

There are no adverse side effects that are reported with the use of this product, either from the manufacturer or the users’ feedbacks. It is though recommended that you consult a doctor if you experience mild effects like allergies and a bit of gastrointestinal discomforts.

Does Prostabel interact with other medications?

The product is out of use for patients under the treatments of hormone or corticosteroid. It is all the same recommended that you visit a doctor before starting the dose of this product to ensure compatibility.

Final Verdict

As far as the nutritional health of the prostate is concerned, Prostabel is one among the dietary supplements approved to be most effective in improving the health of the prostate. Research has it that many individuals do not observe clearly their diets. They take only carbohydrates and proteins at large while avoiding foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Prostate just like other organs in the body, needs essential nutrients to enhance the normal functioning of its cells. Prostabel on the other hand is capable of maintaining the normal functioning of this organ without necessarily having to follow the proper diet. It works to improve the prostate health at cellular level hence its uniqueness.

Prostate health is of great concern for men today. Preventative measures may reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer and improve overall prostate health and function. A quality, premium prostate supplement may shrink the prostate, minimize frequent urination, promote sexual function and contain quality ingredients.

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