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This is a prostate supplement that has gained popularity worldwide because of its fast action in improving the prostate health and also improving urinary flow. The aged people have had problems with their urine flow and also painful urination due to their enlarged prostate especially during at night they are forced to wake up frequently to urinate. Thus, Prostanol has greatly changed the lifestyle of people with such problems. Prostanol is a combination of natural ingredients that are pure and safe for consumption. According to various laboratory reports, Prostanol is rated as the best prostate supplement necessary for maintaining the prostate health. It dissolves quickly when ingested and is easily digested to bring about fast action within a short time. The supplement is manufactured by VitalMax Vitamins Company. One bottle of Prostanol contains 30 capsules and costs $39.95. But this product is cheaper when bought in larger quantities.

Manufacturer Information and its claims about Prostanol


VitalMax Vitamins produce Prostanol, a product that was created by Mark Rosenberg. VitalMax Vitamins manufactures and markets Prostanol through the official website. The product is not sold in local stores but can only be purchased through the online system. VitalMax Vitamins uses natural ingredients to manufacture the miraculous supplement. It is there 100% safe for consumption. The product claims to reduce prostate problems and urinary pains. The ingredients in Prostanol are approved to reduce prostate symptoms by blocking 5-alpha-reductase enzyme and inhibit the conversion of hormone testosterone to DIT. The supplement works effectively by reducing the frequency and pain of urination, especially in old people, without causing adverse side effects.

How Does Prostanol Work?

The ingredients function collectively to give good results. The supplement contains several varieties of sterols that play a vital role in regulating urination, inhibit inflammation of the prostate, urinary pains and other problems associated with prostate enlargement. The sterols are very essential for proper maintenance of the prostate regarding structure and function. By inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase and formation of DIT the prostate functions are normalized. Hence, relieves discomfort experienced by people with enlarged prostate when urinating. The individuals experience peaceful sleep and boost sexual activity. The sterols also enhance proper functioning of the heart ant the immune system.

Prostanol Ingredients

This supplement is a blend of several ingredients such as Beta-sitosterol, Sitostanol, Campesterol, Stigmasterol and Brassicasterol. This is a total of 5 sterols that play a crucial role in improving the health of the prostate. The sterols inhibit the enlargement of the prostate by controlling prostatic cell division.

Beta-sitosterol inhibits the problems of the colon and prostate from progressing. It has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in managing Prostasis, specifically Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). This reduces the frequent feeling for urination thus maintains normal flow of urine.

All these ingredients function together to give good solutions to urinary and prostate problems. The ingredients are natural and do not cause side effects.

Prostanol Benefits

The supplement has several benefits which include;

  • Prostanol has many health benefits such as boosting immunity and reduce inflammation.
  • It is easy to use. It can be swallowed and digested easily.
  • There is 100% money back guarantee within 60 days.
  • Prostanol is safe as it contains natural ingredients that do not cause adverse side effects.
  • It is also cost effective, especially when bought in larger quantities.
  • There are several clinical tests that have approved the effectiveness of Prostanol.
  • There are many consumer reviews that confirm the good results of using Prostanol.
  • There are free gifts offered when more than one bottle of the supplement is ordered.

Prostanol Drawbacks

The supplements can only be ordered online, cannot be found in local stores.
A few consumers claim that the supplement was not effective.

Prostanol Dosage Instructions

It is recommended that two soft gels of Prostanol should be taken per day. This should not be exceeded. The supplement should be taken with food.

Prostanol Precautions

The supplement should not be abused to avoid serious complications. Prostanol should be kept out of reach of children.

Prostanol Side Effects

Prostanol is safe and does not cause adverse side effects. The ingredients are natural and therefore do not cause side effects.

Does Prostanol Interact With Other Medications?

Prostanol does not overreact with other medications. There are no reported cases of reaction of Prostanol with other supplements.

Final Verdict

The supplement is the best long-term solution for urinary and prostate problems. This has been confirmed by the customer reviews posted in the internet. The product has been approved through clinical tests for its effectiveness in improving prostate health. They do not cause any side effects. Hence, it is therefore the safest prostate supplement. Prostanol has other health benefits such as acting as an immune booster. Thus, consumers can solve many health problems using only one supplement, that is, Prostanol. The product does not cost much. Prostanol is most effective and highly recommended.

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