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ProstaPlast is a new groundbreaking solution to the problems related to an enlarging prostate, along with other male sexual health problems like Erectile Dysfunction, male infertility, premature ejaculation, and difficulty and frequent urination. It uses a set of transdermal plasters which works as a non-invasive treatment for male sexual health issues that can cause prostatitis. Transdermal patches works by delivering traditional Chinese medicine through the skin, which is said to be a more effective, safe and reliable manner than topical and oral medications.

Claims and Features – What You Need to Know?

ProstaPlast is manufactured by a company called ProstaPlast LLC. ProstaPlast is a set of urological plasters applied in the groin to alleviate pain, including other symptoms like frequent urination and poor erections brought about by prostatitis. These set of plasters deliver a continuous and stable supply of natural compounds from herbal extracts and other natural ingredients to the relevant part of the body, thus improving its overall functioning.


Particularly, ProstaPlast offers all of these benefits when used rightly:

  • Relief from prostatitis and groin pain
  • Improves urination
  • Increases libido and sexual performance
  • Boosts penile erections
  • Treats Erectile Dysfunction and impotence

What are the Ingredients in ProstaPlast?

ProstaPlast contains herbal extracts from potent herbs and botanicals popularly used in Chinese traditional medicine. Its ingredients include:

  • Bars Camphor – or Borneol is known to provide pain relief and improve the circulatory system. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, thus reduces the size of inflammation especially in the prostate.
  • Cinnamon – is known to provide a numerous health benefits. Cinnamon is said to assist in maintaining a healthy circulatory system and improves sex drive and libido, while simultaneously providing anti-septic properties to avoid prostatitis.
  • Ligusticum Chuanxiong – is a traditional Chinese herb known to have antispasmodic and calmative properties. It is used to prevent the occurrence of urinary tract infections, prevent constipation and hemorrhoids, and also manages Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Achyrantes Bidentata – boosts the immune system and provides and anti-diuretic effect to reduce the frequency of urination—a symptom usually found in patients with prostatitis.
  • Safflower – Enhances bioavailability of ProstaPlast plasters. This means it can boost the medicine’s ability to penetrate into the skin in order to reach target areas faster.
  • Corydalis Ambigua – Has fat burning and body toning abilities thus improving general health and it also relieves genital pain, inflammation and itches.
  • Plantago Asiatica – is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine known to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation especially within the tissues that make up the urinary system. It also improves erection and stamina of men.

ProstaPlast Benefits

  • Relieves painful urination and improves overall urinary health
  • Reduces frequency of urination
  • Treats prostatitis and supports overall health of the male reproductive system, especially the prostate
  • ProstaPlast is offered with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

ProstaPlast Drawbacks

  • The product lacks user reviews
  • It is expensive for asset of plasters
  • It is only available and shipped inside United Kingdom

How Should You Take ProstaPlast?

Users of ProstaPlast are advised to clean the skin around the navel area—a region where there is high concentration of tiny blood vessels. Once the area is clean and dry, you can apply one plaster of ProstaPlast anywhere near the navel area. As the skin under the plaster warms up, the active ingredients in the plaster are released and absorbed in the skin, and delivered right into the bloodstream.

These ingredients naturally make their way into the genitourinary tract to address the primary issues that cause prostatitis. Each patch can be used for up to 72 hours. Just remove and re-use it each time you take a shower.

What are the Possible Side Effects of ProstaPlast?

ProstaPlast plasters are generally safe to use as it only invades the skin. It is said to be even safer and effective than oral and topical medications for prostatitis because it uses natural and safe herbal compounds that directly targets any of your sexual health concerns. But even if this is relatively safe, always consult your physician before using ProstaPlast.

Where Can You Buy ProstaPlast?

ProstaPlast is available online at its official website. However, it appears that the manufacturer only performs shipping inside United Kingdom. Each box contains 5 plasters and costs €38.00.

The Bottom Line

Overall, ProstaPlast seems to be the safest prostate support option there is. That is because it only uses transdermal patches in order to deliver natural compound which are known to benefit the prostate and urinary health. Unlike oral medications and supplements which can cause potential health danger, ProstaPlast is much safer, although we can’t guarantee its effectiveness.

On the negative side, it lacks real customer feedbacks and it is only available in UK. Nevertheless, the thought of delivering natural compounds through the skin is one unique idea and is new, especially with thousands of oral male enhancement supplements and prostate solutions out in the market.

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