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Prostate Mega 7 is a prostate health supplement that stands in the position of aiding a solution to the male individuals suffering from Prostate enlargement. Prostate enlargement normally occurs among male individuals who are hitting the age of 50’s going upwards. This condition is known as benign Prostatic Hyperplsia. Prostate being an organ located beneath the bladder, its activity is included in the male reproductive system and thus its malfunction affects the other organs. Prostate Mega 7 thus helps to shrink the enlarged size of the prostate hence solving the other associated problems as well. It relieves the pains involved during the urinary process, infections in the bladder and also retention in urine. Prostate Mega 7 thus gives an early treatment of this condition called BPH.

The product can be obtained from the online retailers and the product’s official website page at the following stated price

  • $14.95
  • An order above $35 comes with free shipping

Manufacturer Information and claims about Prostate Mega 7

Prostate Mega 7

The manufacturer company of Prostate Mega 7 is known as Physiovites, a company that is however not well known and reputed in the industry of health supplements supply. It is only mentioned as the manufacturer company of the product without providing enough information about it. The official website of the product, from where it is obtained with purchase, contains information about the product and in fact offers claims about its effectiveness in improving the health of the prostate.

How Prostate Mega 7 Works?

The product contains ingredients that are rich in natural vitamins, natural nutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and herbs that work in combination to maintain a healthy prostate by first of all decreasing the size of the enlarged prostate. By doing this, the other problems that are associated with the BPH get eliminated just after some few days of the product’s regular dose. The main active ingredient of this product known as Beta-Sitosterol impedes the conversion of the testosterone to dihydrotestosterone whose production chemically leads to the enlargement of the prostate

Prostate Mega 7 Ingredients

Beta Sitosterol

  • Inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • Prevents the condition of prostate enlargement.
  • Reduces the swellings of an enlarged prostate


  • Posses anti-oxidant properties
  • Protects the prostate against inflammatory effects
  • Reduces the size of the enlarged prostate.

Saw Palmetto

  • Improves the overall health of the prostate gland
  • Treats BPH


  • Helps to maintain the normal size of the prostate
  • It naturally exists in the Prostate gland to improve its normal functioning.
  • Acts as an anti-oxidant

The Benefits of Prostate Mega 7

  • It does not cause any side effects; if any, they are normally mild.
  • It improves the overall health of the prostate
  • When you purchase the product, there is a discount offered
  • It is one of the most cheap but effective product
  • The ingredients used to make up this product are all natural
  • It treats BPH and prevents future symptoms

Prostate Mega 7 Drawbacks

  • As other products are explained on their ability to reduce risks of developing the prostate cancer, Prostate Mega 7 is not stated whether or not it can treat prostate cancer
  • The details about the manufacturer company in relation to the manufacturer company are not vividly provided.
  • It does not offer a money back guarantee hence inconvenient for first customers who might have been dissatisfied

The Dosage Instructions of Prostate Mega 7

The normal recommendation of the product’s dose is 1 capsule per day for a bottle containing 60 capsules; the supply lasts for 2 months if regularly taken.

Prostate Mega 7 Precautions

  • Its storage should be far from children reach
  • It should be kept in a cool and dry place with no extreme temperatures.
  • Maintain a regular dose to obtain maximum results.

The Side Effects of Prostate Mega 7

The Prostate Mega 7 is an all natural dietary supplement that according to the customers reviews and claims, do not cause any adverse side effects to the user. For safety measures however, it is advised that you consult a physician before u start its dose as some mild effects reported include nausea, slight headaches and fatigue.

Does Prostate Mega 7 interact with other medications?

The product is said to be 100% effective in achieving its function. Whether it is capable of interacting negatively with other medications is not mentioned. It is otherwise recommended for patients under medications of severe health conditions to consult a doctor.

Final Verdict

Have you considered a dietary supplement that is capable of maintaining your prostate health without bearing undesirable side effects? Prostate Mega 7 is exactly the product you are looking for. This supplement can be obtained cheaply from the online retailers with discounts in a multiple purchase. Remember, there is no more shying off from this condition of prostate enlargement as this product relieves you from other problems associated with the particular condition. Don’t hesitate, it is only an order away!

Prostate health is of great concern for men today. Preventative measures may reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer and improve overall prostate health and function. A quality, premium prostate supplement may shrink the prostate, minimize frequent urination, promote sexual function and contain quality ingredients.

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