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Some people have incessant urge to urinate at night causing them sleeping problems whereas others have weak urine flow, burning and stinging when passing urine or difficulty in starting and stopping urine. Though these symptoms are common in both sexes and even young people for men, this would be a sign of poor prostate health. The urinary system attaches to the prostate gland in men just below the bladder. When the prostate enlarges, it affects the functioning of the prostatic urethra meaning the flow of urine becomes abnormal. The enlargement of the prostate organ causes prostate problems. Therefore, there is even greater need to keep the prostate as healthy as possible.

There are many solutions such as surgery that can be very painful and can leave one with sexual dysfunction. There are some supplements also available in the market for the same. However, some of such supplements have side effects after long term use. Postavar RX is a dietary supplement made from herbal ingredients such as Beta-Sitosterol, Muira Pauma, Saw Palmetto and antioxidant lycopene and amino acids to improve the prostate health.

The pricing of the supplement from the official website dealing with Prostravar rx;

  • $39.95 for a full month supply 30-day worth
  • $79.95 for a three-month supply 90-day worth

Manufacturer information and claims about Prostavar RX

A lot of details have been given by the manufacturer, Superbalife International, especially hyping of the benefits. The manufacturers claim to have been voted #1 by American Council on Men’s Health two years in a row. According to the page, the supplement is clinically proven to reduce prostate problems, for example, restoring the balance to your hormones, shrinks the enlarged prostate and improving urine flow. Another claim is that the product is completely natural.

How Prostavar RX works?

Prostavar RX

When the prostate enlarges in men, they need real solutions to this problem. The prostate gland grows when they are young and then stops. It picks up again when they are in their 40s. Since the prostate has no more room to enlarge because the space is used up by other organs, therefore, it presses the urethra to cut off urine flow. The super-potent compounds in Prostavar are claimed to reduce the size of the prostate in men. In males as you age the hormones swing off the balance, the supplement is claimed to restore the balance in hormones and control the urine flow.


There are number ingredients of Protravar RX and their roles as follows;

  • Saw Palmetto – Increases libido and hormonal balance
  • Green Tea – Inhibits prostate cancer
  • Muira Pauma – Improves sexual function
  • Amino Acids (L- Alanine, L-glutamic, L-glycine)
  • Quercetin and Lycopene – Antioxidant protects the body from free radicals damage
  • Epimedium Extract – Increases libido
  • Stinging Nettle – Reduces night trips to toilets in men
  • Beta Sitosterol – Inhibits in the production of Dihydrotestosterone. Reduces night time urination, frequency and urgency.
  • Benefits of Prostavar RX

    • Avoid painful surgery and prescription drugs with undesirable side effects
    • The health of the Prostate is greatly improved
    • Sense of urgency to urinate greatly diminishes
    • Eliminates night calls to the bathroom
    • mproves the enjoyment of sex once more and strengthens sexual performance
    • Capsules are small to swallow

    Draw Backs of Prostavar RX

    • Product is slightly expensive compared to other prostate supplements
    • Some product reviewers have complained that the supplement upsets their stomach
    • Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle have gastrointestinal side effects
    • This product can cause sweating and loss of body fluids
    • Some users of this product become dizzy and experience a headache until such a time their bodies adjust to the supplement’s ingredients

    The Dosage instructions

    The supplement sells in bottles containing 90 capsules. Prostravar RX suggested dosage that is a 30-day worth should be three capsules preferably with a lot of water.


    Users with kidney problems should keep off this supplement because of one of the contents such as stinging nettle that increase urine flow
    The risks of heart attack for those who have previously suffered heart attacks is higher because of one of the ingredients called beta-sitosterol

    Does it interact with other medications?

    Some ingredients interact with drugs such Diuretics, NSAIDS, Oral contraceptives, high blood pressure drugs and Lithium. Therefore, avoid taking this product when you are under such medication. For safety, patients should consult their doctor before using the product.

    Final Verdict

    The Product has a considerable number of reviews. Some claim that it has worked for them others are even clueless. Notably, the effect of the supplement is not instantaneous just like in other supplements, and users’ response is different. Therefore, patience is required to see tangible results. To others it may be immediate while to some they may need to wait a few weeks. Regarding the gastrointestinal side effects take a meal to mitigate. Drink lots of water to counter sweating and loss of body fluids. The website has provided information about the supplement especially it benefits to its users. Prostravar RX maintains the health of the prostate as it key benefit, but one has to take the supplements continuously.

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