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Prosvent is a natural dietary supplement that is used to alleviate the symptoms that come with an unhealthy or troubled prostate. Prostate problems are much common in older men. The supplement is made up of pure and natural ingredients of high quality that promises to relieve the symptoms of these prostate problems and more especially Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The product is a daily supplement that promises results within thirty days from the initial dosage. The supplement is taken orally. It is a perfect alternative to pharmaceutical products which could be laden with side great side effects and high toxicity levels. The supplement is available online at the price listed below;

  • $34.95 for a bottle plus an additional $9.95 shipping and handling chargers
  • Free trial plus $9.95 shipping and handling charges

The product has a free trial program which lasts thirty days. The company automatically sends you another supply at a cost until you cancel the subscription. The product also comes with a thirty day money-back guarantee.

Manufacturer information and claims about Prosvent

Prosvent is manufactured by a company called Prosvent LLC. The ingredients used in the product have been clinically tested to prove that they can relieve prostate related problems and to improve prostate health. The supplement is safe and free from side effects. Only mild effects are registered in some users. The product is obtainable online and the price varies in various websites.

How Prosvent Works?


Prosvent has a powerful formula which includes a blend of natural ingredients like zinc,pumpkin seed oil,saw palmetto,pygeum extract,lycopene and black pepper extracts. The formula is effective in relieving urinary problems and improving the health of the prostate. Saw palmetto relaxes the muscles around the bladder to improve urinary flow and to maintain the health of the urinary system as well. The ingredients also treat BPH by shrinking the size of an enlarged prostate. Some of the ingredients boost the overall health by boosting their immunity. The product ensures that the user gets a good night’s sleep by reducing the frequency of urination therefore reducing the trip to the washrooms.

Prosvent ingredients

Saw Palmetto Extract

  • It reduces the size of an enlarged prostate by reducing the production of DHT
  • It improves urinary flow

Pygeum Extract

  • Relieves the urinary flow of the user
  • It prevents the prostate from enlarging by treating BPH
  • It improves prostate health by preventing inflammation

Stinging Nettle Extract

  • It is used in treating BPH
  • It improves and maintains the health of the prostate

Black Pepper Extract

  • It improves the absorption of other ingredients
  • It inhibits signaling between cancer cells slowing down the spread of cancer

Pumpkin Seed Oil

  • It reduces the size of an enlarged prostate
  • It reduces inflammation in the prostate


  • It prevents damage from occurring in an inflamed prostate.
  • It regulates the normal growth of prostate cells
  • It improves the general health of the user.

Vitamins D

  • It reduces the proliferation of prostate cells
  • It reduces the chances of developing prostate cancer

Vitamin E

  • Improves the overall health of the user
  • It help by destroying harmful free radicals which can cause cancer
  • Zinc

    • It acts as a natural protective barrier which protects the prostate cells from inflammation
    • It maintains prostate health


    • It inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins therefore preventing inflammation
    • It reduces the size of an enlarged prostate

    The Benefits of Prosvent

    • It is made up of natural ingredients
    • It does not contain any side effects
    • It improves the urinary function of the user
    • It enables the user to sleep uninterrupted.
    • It improves the sexual life of the user.
    • It treats BPH and prevents prostate cancer
    • The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee
    • It boosts the overall health of the user

    The Disadvantages of Prosvent

    • Dosage is unclear making it easy to overdose
    • It can interact with other drugs

    Dosage Instructions

    Take the capsules twice daily or ad directed by the doctor


    • Not to be used by children and minors
    • Store after opening in a dry cool place
    • Care should be taken not to overdose on the supplement
    • The Side Effects of Prosvent

      The manufacturer claims the product has no side effects. Those taking medication for heart diseases or other serious conditions should consult a doctor before taking the supplement.

      Drug Interactions

      The supplement is likely to interact with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulants and oral contraceptives.

      Final Verdict

      The product is manufactured by a certified company. It is made up of natural ingredients which improve the prostate health of the user. The natural ingredients are pure and of high quality. Prosvent has been clinically proven to be very effective.The user should be able to see results within thirty days. The company offers a free trial program to enable first time users to sample the product and continue using it if they like it. The product has no side effects . The very many advantages on prostate health are reason enough to be a reason to buy the product. You can obtain the product from its official website.

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