Proven Penis Enlargement – Proven Penis Enlargement Techniques

For men looking for ways to improve their penis size, there are almost as many remedies available as there are men looking for them. While all of the products promise large and quick results, not all of them can deliver. Men want to be sure that the solution they are going to spend their time and money on is going to deliver the results they claim they can. Out of the many options available for male enhancement there are a few proven penis enlargement solutions on the market.

Proven Penis EnlargementOne method that has is a proven penis enlargement possibility is using a vacuum penis pump. Vacuum pumps are generally used as a treatment for impotence issues. It has been discovered that after continual, regular use, a small but noticeable penis enlargement could be seen. Vacuum pumps are cylinders that are placed over the penis and apply a constant level of suction that pulls blood into the organ and results in a larger erection. The larger erection is secured with a ring and the short-term enhancement stays in place until the ring is removed. Long-term use results in a small permanent enlargement.

Stretching the penis by using an extender device has also been shown as a proven penis enlargement technique. This process involves attaching an extender to the penis and applying traction to the organ, which reportedly causes the cells to expand and divide stimulating growth. A 2002 study drafted in the International Journal of Impotence Research showed that extenders were successful in increasing the length of the penis and that the penis was continually enlarged each time the extender was used. Using an extender four hours a day for six months produced an enlargement of 2.3 centimeters while it was not erect. Stretching has shown no effect on the girth of a penis.

A hand exercise called jelqing is another proven penis enlargement option although it can have some harmful results if not done correctly. Jelqing is a hand-over-hand milking motion that is performed on a semi-erect penis. The motion is done using fingers that are arranged in an OK symbol. Hands are alternated after each stroke. The penis is heated and warmed up before the exercise begins. The exercise starts with 100 strokes and works toward the goal of 500 strokes per day. There should be no pain with the exercise. If not done correctly, this exercise can cause pain, scarring and disfigurement. Users doing this exercise reported an enlargement of two to four inches in length and one to two inches in girth.