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This is a nutritional supplement that is specially designed to treat Chronic Prostatis. Chronic Prostatis is a condition that can normally affect men regardless of their age. This condition, according to research, result to extensive repercussions as in impairing the mental growth and other physical disease manifestations. This condition is therefore a threat to the quality health of a man.

The product can be obtained directly from the manufacturer and other online retailers at the following stated price;

  • $59.99 per bottle

The manufacturer information and claims about Q-Urol

The product is manufactured by Farr Laboratories which is a premier company producing nutraceutical products, manufacturing and distributing food supplements. The company advertises the product as powerful version of Prosta Q, which possesses extra strength as in the effectiveness of the original product. The company goes ahead to claim of its ability to complete the chronic prostatis condition safely without leaving the user any adverse side effects. It brags of the supplement as being a product of well formulated one with potent ingredients that makes it to produce the desired promising results. This qualifies the product as being effective in improving the health of the prostate.

How Q-Urol works?


The product is made up of ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory properties, basically crucial in its effective function of treating chronic prostatis condition. The property of the product being time-release, allows it to have lasting essential results by a means of releasing its key ingredients gradually into the body of the user. It therefore implies that the product maintains the overall health of the prostate.

The Ingredients of Q-Urol


  • It plays a significant role in the enabling the action of Q-Urol in the body system
  • Pollen Extract

    • Posses therapeutic effects on the prostate gland and the renal system
    • Contains several nutrients that help in maintaining the health of the prostate.


    • This is the key active ingredient in the formula
    • It contains antioxidant properties.
    • Prevents prostate and urinary tract inflammation effects.


    • It is an enzyme
    • It helps in supporting the Bromelain in the action of absorbing quercetin


    • It helps in the absorption of some of the Q-Urol ingredients e.g Quercetin.
    • An agent of anti-inflammation against the prostate and the renal tract.

    Other ingredients in the formula include; magnesium, silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid and hypromellose.

    The Benefits of Q-Urol

    • The ingredients making up the formula are scientifically and clinically tested.
    • Is effective in treating the Chronic Prostatis condition
    • It helps to promote the overall health of the prostate
    • Is made contemporarily with the modern technology making its effectiveness to be most outstanding

    The Draw backs of Q-Urol

    • It contains only 2 ingredients that are actively involved in its action i.e. Quercetin and Pollen Extract.
    • Bears some side effects that however varies from an individual to another
    • It has contraindications with some drugs e.g. antibiotics.
    • Some of the ingredients are not clinically tested and proven to be effective in the chronic Prostatis treatment.

    The Dosage Instructions of Q-urol

    Take 2 tablets of the product daily with meals, preferably 1 tablet after or before the breakfast and the other at the evening meal. When you notice the receding of the symptoms, consider taking 1 tablet daily as recommended.

    The Precautions

    • Keep the bottle of this product tightly closed in a cool and dry place and avoid extreme weather conditions.
    • Keep it far from children’s reach.
    • Strictly follow the manufacturer dosage instructions for an effective result.

    The Side Effects of Q-Urol

    The product has been reported with mild side effects including slight tingling sensations that often are noticed with individuals using the product for the first time. When the product is taken on an empty stomach, it causes a feeling of nausea and gastrointestinal discomforts.

    Does Q-Urol Interact with other Medications?

    It is recommended that the product should not be taken with drugs such as blood thinners and quinoline antibiotics as they may interact negatively. Individuals who bear allergic reactions to pollen should exclusively avoid the use of this product as it may result to anaphylactic reactions. On the same note, children, expectant, breastfeeding and lactating mothers should consult their doctors before use.

    Final Verdict

    Many people have always been on a constant search for the best supplement that can effectively treat chronic prostatis. Many have undergone surgical processes that however result to harmful effects to their bodies. This product is far much better than the surgeries and the prescription drugs. In finding out the most effective treatment for this condition, it is advisable that you consider the benefits of the product and its safety. Q-Urol is such effective, not only in treating the condition but also maintains the general health of the prostate.

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