Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction – Other Causes

by Nick Swanson

Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction in men. While the primary cause is lack of blood flow to the penis, other secondary causes are just as responsible. For example, poor diabetes, being overweight, stress and relationship problems are just several out of many. But, these problems can be solved with the right kind of help.

It is important to check with your doctor to assure that the possible cause you have in mind is in fact the problem. There may be another issue you aren’t aware of. All of these conditions can affect men young and old.

Diabetes ranks up there with cancer. It’s a condition that affects children even as young as five years old. Reasons for erectile dysfunction concerning diabetes are a big problem. This is because the people with diabetes may not be properly caring for themselves.

You have to measure your insulin every day, sometimes twice a day, to ensure your levels are accurate. Some people forego the task of doing so and continue to behave in their normal lifestyle. This cannot only cause ED to become prevalent it can also harm you. People with uncontrolled diabetes can expect to lose limbs and die sooner.

Having that extra weight on your body are not the only reasons for erectile dysfunction. Obesity can cause a person to be lethargic. This also means lack of desire, and possibly not enough stamina to keep up with their partner. Your weight should be measured according to your height.

If your BMI reads well over 30, for most average height men, you may be obese. The best thing to do is lose weight. Don’t rush around to lose it quickly. Losing weight gradually, half a pound to two pounds a week is ideal by medical standards. Incorporate regular exercise to get your stamina back.

Other reasons for erectile dysfunction are stress, depression, and relationship problems. Stress is common and unfortunately, everyone experiences it. You can ease stress with relaxation methods and techniques. Depression is a bigger problem that does more harm than good. Consult with your physician regarding treatment for moderate to mild depression.

As for your relationship, be sure you are happy. If you aren’t happy with your partner, despite how they may feel, it may be time to move on. Don’t remain in a relationship that makes you feel down or degraded. And, most importantly, do not stay simply for the sake of intercourse. Chances are if the relationship isn’t working, the sex won’t work either.