How to Reduce Premature Ejaculation – An Important Guide

Many men seek sex therapy in an effort to understand how to reduce premature ejaculation. This is perfectly normal as many men suffer from this particular condition that can interrupt a healthy relationship and create a large amount of stress on a couple. The reason that premature ejaculation is a serious condition is that it can potentially disrupt the mutual pleasure achieved during sex between two people, with a man finishing long before the woman is ready. PE is typically defined as ejaculation that occurs within two minutes of coitus, however this time span may extend if the partner is still unsatisfied by the shortness of the sexual intercourse.

Typically, the best ways on how to reduce premature ejaculation include seeking guidance from a sex therapist trained in psychiatric care. There are a few different potential sources behind the PE condition; including heavy arousal, a brain chemical imbalance, or a psychological disorder. In the former, explanations behind PE may include passive aggressive tendencies by the male to disregard his partner’s pleasure during sex. This may be the result of certain unresolved conflicts between the couple, and a councilor’s job is to help figure out the exact source of the problem and to assist the couple in overcoming this difficulty together.

In other instances, PE may be the result of abnormal levels of arousal. How to reduce premature ejaculation in these instances involves other types of psychological conditioning. Often times, in such situations the man may not realize that a problem is occurring, as he is generally enjoying the sex enough to be highly aroused, but it may be necessary to practice different sexual techniques in order to ensure both partners are satisfied. This includes delaying orgasm and rhythmic movements that typically trigger orgasm in the male, as well as slowing the process of sex by switching to different types of sexual positions, including focusing more on the partner individually through oral sex.

A final possible reason behind PE is a neurological imbalance. Continued research links premature ejaculation with serotonin levels in the brain. In these instances, how to reduce premature ejaculation may involve pharmaceutical solutions, such as certain types of anti-depressants that may alleviate the symptoms, as well as specially prescribed medication such as dapoxetine. For more information about these options, speak to a medical doctor trained to treat sexual disorders, or a licensed pharmacologist. Treating PE may go a long way toward preserving the health and sustainability of a relationship, and couples should not hesitate to seek help when necessary.