The Massage Remedy for Premature Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself completely and totally relaxed. The odds are good that in this scenario, you were not worried about your performance in the bedroom, including your staying power. Men that last the longest in the bedroom are the men that feel completely relaxed and confident about their bodies and their performance. Relaxation is a powerful thing, which is why many suggest yoga and meditation for premature ejaculation sufferers. Another remedy for premature ejaculation is massage because it relaxes the body.

Before you decide to use the massage technique, you should know that there are several different methods available. One method involves a third party, such as a massage therapist. Prior to engaging in any sexual act with your partner, book an hour with a professional therapist. During your session, the therapist rubs your back, spine, arms, and legs. This massage relaxes your body, relieves stress, and puts you in a tranquil state. The massage acts as a remedy for premature ejaculation because you feel more relaxed and you stop worrying about stressful situations that you have no control over in your regular life.

There other type of massage is the penile massage, which you do yourself before sex. Most experts suggest that you try this remedy for premature ejaculation one hour before beginning sexual intercourse or spending time with your partner. You apply a dollop of oil to the penis and slowly stroke the shaft, testicles, and skin surrounding the penis. If you feel yourself getting excited or nearing orgasm, immediately stop and wait for your erection to wane. This simple exercise method teaches your body to expect a release, but to delay that release. With regular use, you can increase how long you last during sexual activities.

A fun way to remedy your premature ejaculation problem is to combine the two techniques. Start with a simple massage by your partner. When you feel yourself reaching orgasm, have her stop and wait a few minutes. If you prefer skin contact and enjoy touching your partner, then try giving her a massage. This remedy for premature ejaculation works even if you have an orgasm during the massage. Some couples find that the massage technique works best if the partner helps the man reach an orgasm quickly before the sexual act because he can then last longer when they attempt the activity later.