Use the Science of Orgasms to Have Better Sex

by Nick Swanson

Science of Orgasms to Have Better Sex
In any given relationship sex plays an important role and lack of it may even cause problems in a relationship. Sex is an important aspect of a relationship and doing it right is the secret to a healthy and stronger relationship with your woman. For you to achieve a wonderful sexual experience with your woman you must ensure that you satisfy her well. The best way that you can satisfy a woman is by ensuring that she attains orgasm. The problem usually is that some women find it a little hard to reach their orgasm easily and so it will up to men with such women to help such women reach their ultimate orgasms for better sex. Research says that you can use the science of orgasms to have better sex with your woman but how can you achieve this?

Foreplay is Paramount If You are to Make Here Reach Her Orgasm

For you to have great sex with your partner it is important to get her in the mood by kissing her, fondling her breasts, and also by touching her most sensitive areas. Most people both men and women will usually not have wonderful sex when they are anxious because sex and orgasm are dictated by the brain. When the brain is under so much stress and tension there definitely will be nothing better. When a person orgasms, the experience usually takes like almost a total of their brain and their nervous systems. This proves that it is a person’s brain that has so much say about how they experience an orgasm. This is why good foreplay just before sex with your partner will guarantee her a pleasant orgasm.

Understand What Happens To Your Body and That of Your Lady During Orgasm

By understanding what exactly happens to your own body and that of your woman when you experience orgasm will help you attain even new levels of fulfillment and closeness. An orgasm means so much more than what most men think they know about it.

At the height of an orgasm your brain is usually flooded with information from your psyches and also from the nerves of your pubic region. Millions of nerve endings are usually found in areas such the vaginal opening, clitoris, testis, labia, and penis. When these places are stimulated or aroused they bring about feelings of great pleasure. Successful stimulation of the nerves connected with these areas will send messages to a place in the brain that is referred to as the pleasure center of the brain. It is this same part of the brain that often responds when you eat something delicious like chocolate or ice cream.

Orgasm is known to activate the pleasure center of the brain and also temporarily makes a person’s mind to lose control. Research from a university in the Netherlands discovered that when men and women reach their orgasms, their lateral orbitofrontal cortex shut down temporarily. This is the region of the brain that brings about behavior control in a person. This explains why people usually find orgasm to be such a wonderful experience for them.

Oxytocin and Orgasm

When you reach orgasm your brain will be full of oxytocin, a powerful chemical in the brain responsible for bringing about the feelings of intimacy. Oxytocin usually makes women feel connected to their partners. Higher levels of testosterone in the brains of men usually fight the effects of oxytocin in men. This helps to explain why men can have casual sex without feelings of attachment as opposed to women who will still experience feelings of intimacy after one night stands. The differences in hormones in men and women are the reason why women usually want to embrace after sex while men would want to just sleep. It is important to also note that for a woman to reach orgasm, she must feel relaxed and safe. This is totally different for men as men will usually reach orgasm much faster and early then the woman.

The Connection between Your Genitals and Orgasm

Your brain is not the only part of your body that will respond to orgasm your genitals will also react. Your genitals will contract and hence release great sexual energy that will leave you in much ecstasy. When your sexual energy builds up and then you experience muscular contractions in your genitals you will definitely release powerful energy that will ensure that you achieve your ultimate and best orgasm.


All the above explanations help to prove that indeed orgasm is the key to achieving a wonderful and exciting sexual life. Without orgasm sex can be such a boring thing and that is why it is better for you to ensure that you make her achieve it.