Seven Rules to Have Great Dorm Sex

by Nick Swanson

College is all about independence and freedom. Finally, you have a room to yourself without worrying about your parents hearing the creaking sounds from your bed. Now, you can have great sex anytime you want, can this really happen? Your dorm room can be your ultimate place for action but you have to do it right. Here are seven rules to help you have great dorm sex:

Seven Rules to Have Great Dorm Sex
  • Talk to your Roommate
    Since you are sharing a room with someone, you should be decent enough to talk to them about it. No one wants to have a roommate enter the room while you are having sex with your partner. This may be an awkward conversation but it should be done. Talk about how often the girls can come over and if you will have codes to work with like hanging a hat on the doorknob.
  • Discreetness
    You must respect the privacy of your dorm mates. They don’t want to hear moans while studying or sleeping. Try to keep it discreet as much as you can.
  • Have Your Own Space
    Your roommate may be sleeping but this doesn’t mean you can have sex in the same room. You have to respect that it is your roommate’s home as well. Go to your girlfriend’s dorm or find another room where you can do the dirty deed, maybe the bathroom will do?
  • Her Room
    Women feel more comfortable in their rooms so if you do the deed in her room, she might just surprise you with great dorm sex. Another benefit of doing it in her place is that you can leave immediately after doing it.
  • No Sleepovers
    If this isn’t a relationship, you should avoid sleepovers. Do you really want to wake up with that person beside you? If it’s just a hookup with no strings attached, make sure that you or the girl will leave after the sexual encounter. Just make arrangements the next day if you want to see each other again.
  • Watch Out
    Dorm sex can never get too comfortable. You have little space to work with plus, you might even be sleeping on a bunk bed. Be creative with your sexual positions and avoid getting injured just because you feel kinky. Breaking the bed or bumping your head can be a huge mood killer.
  • Be Creative
    The bed is not only the place in the room you can do the deed in. Since the bedroom might not be spacious enough, it’s time for you to be creative. How about the sofa, the chairs or even the floor? Just make sure you clean your mess afterwards.

These seven rules for great dorm sex should help you have amazing sex with what you have to work with. This is the time to bask in total freedom and control of your sex life.