All About Sex Before and After a Heart Attack

Any physical activity is bound to affect the pulse rate in almost every person. Strenuous physical activity is known to make the heart pump even faster due to the increased need of oxygen supply needed to support such activities. Sex is a physical activity that increases the pulse rate of people and that is why you need to have a healthy heart to perform better in the bedroom. Heart disease and high blood pressure have been found to be the major causes of erectile dysfunction in most men. Usually men will experience an increased pulse rate more than women during sex because mostly it’s them who do more work during the sexual act.

What is the Work of the Heart During Sex?

The term ‘sexual-response cycle’ was coined by two authority sex therapists, Masters and Johnson. The term details the sequence of events that usually occur in the body of a person from the time of sexual arousal up to the time he will be engaged in sexual activity. Usually the sexual-response cycle is divided into four phases which are the plateau stage, orgasm stage, the recovery and the resolution stage. It must be noted that there is usually no definite onset or end of each phase but they are instead a part of a constant process of sexual response. It is the heart that is usually responsible for pumping the blood to sex organs. For the penis to get erect it must have a steady supply of blood this is the same also in the vagina for it to enlarge and be ready to accommodate the penis. It is the increased need of blood supply to these areas that usually causes the pulse rate of people involved in sexual activity to get raised.

Is Sex Safe for People Living with Heart Conditions?

Sex Before and After a Heart Attack

Most people suffering from heart conditions are usually worried about their condition and often think that they may suffer from a heart attack during sex. Such feelings often make them suffer from anxiety thus lowering their sex drive. What such people do not know is that a person can suffer from a heart attack anytime regardless of what they are doing. It is true that some people have suffered from heart attacks during sex, while driving to the supermarkets, while watching the television or while sitting. Studies suggest that heart attacks can occur even without any physical exertion.

The risk that sex can pose to an individual is usually very minimal. Yes it is true that sex can make the heart get pumping a little more but not more than when someone is walking in the field or running. What this means is that sex is also a good form of exercise as it also help to burn calories. If you can safely walk for a kilometer or two without any difficulty then you may also just have sex without any problem.

Can I Still Have Sex After Suffering a Heart Attack?

People recovering from a heart attack can safely resume their sexual activities as soon as they are feeling well enough. Normally after a heart surgery or heart attack you can resume your sexual activities in about four to six weeks. People who have undergone heart surgeries are advised to be wary of activities that may put too much pressure on the wound in their chest during the first few weeks. As you consider about having sex again after a heart attack or heart surgery you should keep in mind the following things:

  • It will be best if you avoid sex after heavy meals.
  • Avoid alcohol prior to your sexual activity.
  • Look for a comfortable sex position for you that will not compromise your condition.
  • You can ask your sex partner to take the lead.

The Impact of Your Heart Condition on Your Sexual Health

People who have undergone treatment for heart disease may experience a decline in their sex drive. The problem is usually common but fortunately is just a temporary one. Low sex drive may be experienced by such people as a result of emotional stress they often suffer from. The medications that are usually prescribed to them also impact on their sex drives. This should not be a cause of alarm to them because once they get through their medication they will slowly return back to their normal life. It is also important for them to lead a healthy lifestyle that will not jeopardize the treatment being administered to them.

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The bottom line about all this is that everybody needs to practice safe sex and everyone whether they have a heart condition or not, the best way to practice safe sex is to avoid excessive substance intake. People should avoid tobacco, alcohol, and any other form of drug to lead a healthy lifestyle. Exercising regularly, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and keeping a lean body is what people need to do to be able to live even longer. Safe sex is great for the heart health and it also helps people avoid the risk of getting infected with sexually transmitted infections, this is why people have to play it safe.