Low Libido – Treating a Low Sex Drive in Men

There are various reasons why a man may experience a low libido. Aside from the onset of age and the natural reduction of the hormone testosterone, a lowered libido could be related to factors such as smoking, an improper diet, and poor blood flow. In addition to this, a lack of exercise, or psychological conditions including depression, could further endanger a man’s sex drive. Very often, a lowered libido may just be a symptom of a bigger issue that you should try and address, perhaps with the assistance of a doctor specialized in areas related to sex and sexual performance.

A low libido related to diet involves poor nutritional choices interfering with energy levels and a healthy metabolism. Men with low stamina may find their desire for sex diminishing, and this may be the result of an unregulated amount of carbohydrates that are not mixed with proper amounts of protein and vegetables. A food like pizza, although tasteful, may create huge ‘carb crashes’ where your energy levels drop later in the day. Balancing a diet may go a long way toward fixing a low libido. In addition to the foods you eat, a habit like smoking may directly impact sex drive. Although there are plenty of reasons to quit smoking, for many men an unsatisfied partner could be the ‘last straw’ to finally give up cigarettes.

Another potential trigger for a low libido could involve a psychological condition, like depression. Sometimes the grieving process may involve a sudden drop in one’s sex drive. If such depression persists, it’s important to find psychiatric therapy to help you begin living and enjoying life normally again. Depression may also have biochemical triggers, related to a variety of other factors that also include diet, lack of serotonin, or a lack of exercise. Consult with a specialist for more information about treating and dealing with depression.

Finally, most men experience a low libido naturally as they age. This is the result of a lowered testosterone count. In these instances, some men elect to have their T count tested via a blood sample. Sometimes, certain products are prescribed to increase testosterone levels back to a normal amount. However, hormone replacement therapy may come with certain side effects and men should work closely with their doctor before beginning any such treatment. Overall, the libido is definitely something that can be managed, usually be a combination of techniques, and the assistance of an expert in the field of sexual health is the best way to return to a normal level of sexual motivation.