Sexual Dysfunction Journal – Yes, They Do Exist

by Nick Swanson

Many people who suffer from sexual dysfunction do not know about all of the resources that are available to them out there to help them with their problems. No matter what sexual issue you have, there is probably a sexual dysfunction journal out there to help you. Just type your sexual dysfunction issue into a search engine and you are sure to find a journal dedicated to it. If one does not come up immediately, add the word “journal” to the end of your search terms and that should bring up the results you need.

Sexual Dysfunction Journal

The Journal of Sexual Medicine is probably the most well known sexual dysfunction journals. In this journal, all issues relating to sexual health and medicine are discussed including new treatment methods for sexual dysfunction issues. This journal includes sexual dysfunction issues that face men and women, so everyone is likely to find something to help them in their sex lives. This journal is just your basic clinical research journal so nothing in it should be taken as fact, but it can help you discuss your sexual dysfunction issues with your doctor. If you have some talking points to bring up, your doctor will be able to help you more effectively and will know more about your concerns.

Another sexual dysfunction journal that can be helpful is the International Journal of Impotence Research. Of course, this journal is for men who face impotence or erectile dysfunction issues. Again, this journal should not be used as a means of diagnosing yourself, but rather as a way to open up the dialogue between you and your doctor about your erectile dysfunction concerns. In this journal you can learn about new ED treatments that you can discuss with your doctor.

There are many other types of that sexual dysfunction journals you can find to help you with your sexual issues. You can even ask your doctor if they know of any journals you can read related to your specific sexual dysfunction issue and they may even have a free copy they can give you to read. Do not forget, however, that your doctor knows how to best treat your sexual dysfunction so never discount their advice in favor of something you read in a sexual dysfunction journals. If you do that, then you run the risk of further exacerbating your sexual dysfunction problem instead of helping correct the issue.