Sexual Health and Aging – How Sexual Health Affected By Aging?

By | Updated October 5, 2018
by Jason Vredenburg

Sexual Health and Aging

All people are relational and they want to be loved and cared while aging. Most people want to enjoy a healthy sexual and active life as they age. However, many changes occur in the body with sexual health and aging. These changes may have an effect on the sexual function of an individual. It is important to note that this health conditions should not stop one from engaging in a sexual activity. It is encouraged to take a healthy diet, exercise, rest and go for medical checkups to ensure that the body is in good shape. This also helps one in avoiding chronic conditions that are common with increased age and ensure you age gracefully.

Normal changes in The Body

The normal aging process brings physical alterations in both women and men. These changes may have an impact on the ability of enjoying a sexual activity with another person. Some women will have increased libido as they age and this may be caused by lack of fear of unwanted pregnancy. This is because most of these women might have undergone a hysterectomy where the uterus is removed or they might be in menopause. This makes them enjoy sexual activity without any fear. Some of them do not relate wrinkles and gray hair as making them less attractive. Some women who think that they are less feminine because they are no longer able to give birth may be affected by aging.

Women have changes that occur in their bodies as they age. These changes include the narrowing and shortening of the vagina while the walls become stiffer and thinner. Most women will have reduced vaginal lubrication and this may reduce the sexual pleasure. However, the changes that occur in the woman’s body do not mean that they will not enjoy having sex any longer.

Changes In Men

Most men as they age, they become impotent. The man is unable to achieve an erection that is hard enough for him to have sexual intercourse. Most men who are above 65 years will experience this problem occasionally. This is usually common in men who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and other cardiac conditions. This may be caused by the condition itself or side effects of the drugs that are used for treating these conditions.

The man may have difficulty in achieving an erection, and when it is achieved, it may not be as large and firm as it was before. The man may also notice that the amount of ejaculation is smaller and one may lose an erection immediately after orgasm.

It is also possible for the man to take longer before having another erection. Most men may need foreplay before they are able to achieve another erection.

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Causes Of Sexual Problems With Increased Age

Sexual, problems can be affected by disease, disability or the side effect of the drugs that are taken to treat chronic conditions in the body. It is important to know that one should not be stopped from enjoying sex even when suffering from the serious conditions.

Some of the health conditions that can affect sexual activity in the old age include:

Arthritis: Arthritis causes the patient to have joint pains and this can cause pain while having a sexual activity. This condition can be improved by drugs or surgical procedures to help in relieving the pain. The other things that can be done to reduce joint pains include warm baths, rest, frequent change of position and exercise. It is also advisable to have correct timing when the joints are not painful so that one can engage in a sexual activity.

Diabetes: Most diabetic patients do not have any sexual problems but this condition may cause impotence in the later stages. It is advisable for the patients to keep the blood sugar under control to avoid sexual complications as the disease advances.

Cardiac Conditions: Some of the heart conditions may cause hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels and this can interfere with the flow of blood to the vital organs. When there is reduced blood flow to the penis, one may have a problem achieving an erection. Some of the patients who have suffered from stroke are usually afraid that engaging in a sexual activity can caused another attack. The chance of having another attack because of sex is very low and patient can resume sexual activity 3-6 weeks after successful rehabilitation.

Incontinence: This is common in women who lose control of the bladder with increased age. This causes them to leak urine when sneezing, coughing, and lifting or exercise. This may cause some women to avoid engaging in sexual activity because of the pressure that is exerted on the abdomen. These women are advised to seek treatment to help in being able to control the bladder.

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Most people are worried about the sexual activity with increased age. This is because of the changes that occur in the body. They are also worried about the chronic conditions that affect them as they age. It is important to enjoy sexual activity even in increased age and incase of any health problem, it is important to seek medical help. It is advisable to practice healthy life styles that will allow people to age gracefully without suffering from the common chronic conditions.