What Is Sexual Performance Anxiety?

by Nick Swanson

What Is Sexual Performance Anxiety


This condition affects men at one time in the course of their sexual life and most of the time it is psychological. This is caused by concerns of satisfying the other partner during a sexual activity. Sexual activity involves the mind and anything that causes stress, will interfere with sexual activity. It is encouraged to know whether someone has an underlying condition and seek medical treatment.

What Is Sexual Performance Anxiety?

A man becomes anxious over the thought of having sexual intercourse in this condition. This is because the man anticipates that they will have some form of difficulty while having sexual activity. This includes difficulty to maintain an erection, difficulty to achieve an erection or lack of being aroused sexually and this makes him to panic during sex or while approaching sex. This may reduce the desire to have sex and cause one to avoid being intimate with their partner. Most of the time sexual performance anxiety is psychological because these men are able to have erections during other times. This includes when one is sleeping or early in the morning when one is taking a walk. When one is not able to have erections during other times, it is advisable to look for medical attention. This helps to know the underlying problem and get treatment.

What Are the Causes of Sexual Performance Anxiety?

Erection involves the hormones, nerves, blood vessels and the brain. Anything that may affect any of this things can affect how one is able to perform sexually.

There are different causes of sexual performance anxiety and they include:

  • Reduced self-esteem where one thinks that they are not up to the game
  • Issues with one’s body image including weight
  • Strenuous relationship that may cause each of the partners to have stress
  • Problems with the size of the penis where some men think that their penis is too small: This is very common especially if they are having sexual intercourse with a new partner
  • Anxiety that may be caused by premature ejaculation: This causes the man to be anxious on whether they will be able to satisfy their partner
  • Anxiety in women may be caused by worries over whether one will enjoy the sexual experience or whether someone will be able to have a climax

Symptoms of Sexual Performance Anxiety

The state of mind has a big impact on one’s ability to get aroused. When one has someone whom they find attractive, the anxiety over the ability to please your partner will make one be unable to perform in bed. When an individual is stressed, the stress hormones will cause the constriction of the blood vessels. This reduces the amount of blood that is flowing into the penis. This will cause the man to be unable to achieve or maintain an erection. Women present with inability to be lubricated enough ready for sex.

One will start avoiding being intimate with their partner. They will find themselves giving excuses that will allow them to avoid sexual intercourse. One will say that they are tired or that they have a headache when in reality this is not the case.

Men who have sexual performance anxiety usually perceive sex as a job or an obligation that they have to do. This is because they have reduced sex drive that makes them focus on the mechanics of sexual activity rather than the excitement, sensations and pleasure of having sex.

Tips on Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

It is possible to overcome sexual performance anxiety when there are no underlying health issues. This will take making smart decisions being made, dedication and work.

  • It is important for one to talk to their partner about the issues that they are facing. It is very hard to fight sexual performance anxiety alone. This will allow the partner to work together with you and this will most likely reduce the stress and anxiety.
  • Continue having sex with the same partner. There is an assurance that your partner will not be going away and this makes one relax as sexual activity is continued. This reduces the anxiety that may be brought by one’s partner leaving them.
  • It is encouraged to focus on giving more foreplay to your partner. This will reduce some of the worries that may be brought by concerns of satisfying one’s partner.
  • It is encouraged to seek professional counseling. This can be done by both partners or one can go alone depending on how they feel comfortable. It is encouraged to open up about fears and concerns over the sexual activity.


Sexual performance anxiety can be overcome by simple measures. It requires both partners to be actively involved. This can be done by opening up the fears and concerns and seeking professional therapy. It is encouraged to continue having sex with your partner as this helps to reduce the anxiety. This will also help to improve the sexual activity that may be brought by sexual performance anxiety.