10 Best Sexual Performance Techniques You Must Know For Better Sex

The majority of the worldwide population has had at least one sexual experience in their lives. For most people, sexuality starts out during their teenage years, where they hit puberty and their body starts to go through numerous changes.

As they adapt to these changes, they discover sexuality, with masturbation often being the very first type of sexual activity they perform. As the individual ages, they start to discover sexual intercourse as an activity that yields extremely high levels of physical and mental satisfaction – known as sexual satisfaction in most publications.

While most couples continue to have sexual intercourse on a regular basis in the initial period they spend dating, a lot of couples tend to become less sexually active with each other as they spend more time with each other.

Perhaps they decide to get married and have children, which takes up a lot of time. Sometimes there is a career movement that leaves little time for experimenting in the bedroom.

Before they know it, each partner becomes so occupied with their own problems in life that the two grows apart from each other.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Today, we want to share some useful tips that will help you make sex better – for both you and your partner. These are all proven tips that people have used for many years – these sexual performance techniques simply work! Try to give some of them a try and see which ones work best to get that spark back in your relationship.

1. Watch your Weight

Watch your Weight
WebMD[1] explains that obesity can put a person at a significantly higher risk of experiencing sexual problems, including common sexual dysfunctions. If you are currently obese, consider adopting some healthier lifestyle habits to help you achieve a healthier weight.

Losing weight will also contribute to higher levels of energy, better sleeping, a reduction in body pain, improvements in your immunity and make breathing much easier than before, as reported by healthtalk[2].

2. Know that Most People Do Not Have Sex for Hours on End

When browsing around on internet forums and chatrooms, many people tend to brag about having sex go on for four hours on end.
This causes a lot of people to consider their sexual activities inadequate, but, in reality, the majority of sexual intercourse sessions do not last as long as some claim (or think) it does.

According to a story on USA Today[3], the average sexual activity lasts for around 7.3 and as much as 43% of couples finish sex within the first two minutes.

3. Start with a Romantic Evening

Start with a Romantic Evening
Even though both you and your partner’s lives may be filled with a countless number of tasks to be completed in a single day, with some careful planning, you are sure to be able to plan a romantic evening for just the two of you.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Light some candles, cook up a nice meal for just the two of you, pour some champagne. Try to not force things into the bedroom, as this could cause the evening to become awkward. Instead, let the evening lead you and see where things go.

4. Don’t Forget to be Flirtatious

When a couple has been together for some they, they often tend to forget that they should continuously flirt with each other to keep that spark alive. Flirting should not feel like a chore, but rather like something that comes naturally.

Try to be flirtatious – not only on that special romantic night but ensure you are being flirty whenever you can. Even if you just whisper some flirtatious phrases into your partner’s ear – you’d be surprised at how turned on they may become.

5. Don’t Limit your Sexual Activities to the Bedroom Only

Sexual Activities
A lot of couples tend to limit the sexual activities they participate in in their bedroom alone. While the bedroom is the primary place where couples usually have sex, it should most certainly not be the only location where you have sex in.

Get started on the couch after the movie has ended, or book into a hotel room and try to be a little spontaneous at a random location.

6. Attend to your Sexual Performance Issues

Sexual dysfunctions are much more common than many people realize. Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction, low libido, and ejaculatory issues. Women often suffer from low libido, as well as a lack of orgasm.

These conditions can be very problematic during sexual intercourse. If you suffer from any sexual dysfunction, see a doctor and try to find ways to counteract the symptoms you are experiencing.

7. Eat A Healthier Diet – Add Some Aphrodisiac Foods While You’re At It

An unhealthy diet that contains a lot of saturated fats and refined products, such as refined sugar and oil, contributes to obesity, heart disease, inflammation, gastrointestinal distress, and even cancer.

Switching to a healthier diet can be very beneficial, and including some aphrodisiac foods can help you boost your libido. Organic Authority[4] recommends eating more oysters, cocoa, avocados, pumpkin seeds, celery, asparagus, and watermelon.

8. Hit the Gym Once-In-A-While

Gym Once


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Visiting the gym may seem like a pain at the moment, but if you go to the gym and work out more often, it will become easier. You will start to experience a reduction in body fat and a gain in muscle mass, which can be very attractive.

For women, hitting the gym means achieving a slender physique. For men, the masculine muscle physique is the way to go usually. This will boost your energy levels, help you be more confident in the bedroom and contribute to better overall health.

9. Try Some New Sex Positions

Vanilla sex is something that a lot of couples swear by. In fact, there are some couples who only practice vanilla sex, but, let’s face it – this can become extremely boring. Why not mix things up by trying out some new sex positions?

Cosmopolitan[5] explains that many sex positions have been proven to up the chance of a woman reaching orgasm – these sex positions include the “Up and Over”, the “Down but Not Out”, the “On Top of the World” and, of course, the “Sit and Straddle”.

10. Act Out Some Of Your (And Your Partner’s) More Realistic Sexual Fantasies

erotic talk
Finally, it is important to realize that both you and your partner most likely have some sexual fantasies you have always dreamed about.

If you truly feel serious about your partner, then now is the perfect time to tell them about your fantasies and to ask them about theirs. Try to act out those that seem realistic, but be sure to know when you are going too far.


Sex plays an important role in most relationships but can become something that both partners feel obligated to, rather than an activity they truly wish to share with each other.

This can be quite unfortunate, and may even lead to both partners becoming less aware of how good they are in the bedroom, and rather focusing on finishing as the only goal.

In this post, we have provided some useful tips on how you can improve your sexual techniques in the bedroom to put that spark back, drive your sexual partner crazy in the bedroom and experience the intimacy that you two once shared. In some cases, if these techniques do not work, you can consider using a male enhancement supplement such as Yonggang which might better your sex life.

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