Sexual Stamina: Causes & Treatment Options

by Nick Swanson

In some relationships “size does not matter”. For some women, it does not matter whether their partner’s penis is small-what’s important is that they share the bed together and they are happy. But what if their partner has no energy to reach climax during sexual intercourse? Can they still say that they are happy? This is when the question about the importance of sexual stamina enters the picture.

Sexual Stamina: Causes & Treatment Options

A lot of men are suffering from the lack of sexual stamina. They ejaculate faster than expected, making sex a short and frustrating experience for women. This is a total turn off as women also want to reach the satisfaction men experience. Premature ejaculation actually creates more broken marriage than extra-marital affairs wreak. If you are suffering from this condition, you should find ways to increase your sexual stamina.

First, in order to effectively target the problem, you must know the reasons why a man lacks sexual stamina.


Bad Habits and Poor Lifestyle

If you are spending everyday eating junk foods, fries and burgers and do not exerciseyou are a high risk to acquire premature ejaculation. In order to increase your sexual stamina you need to have a healthy lifestyle. Eat the right food and live a good quality of life.

Poor Mindset

If you are always aroused then you will probably ejaculate prematurely. What you need to do is just let the situation lead you to her. This means don’t over think the things you are going to do with her in the bedroom.

Physical Causes

Sometimes, the cause of the premature ejaculation is the medical condition you have. If this is the case, you need the help of your doctor.

Emotional Causes

Sometimes, the problem lies on some events in life which may trigger lowly emotions. You could have family problems or are just too stressed out at work. These factors are known as libido killers. If these are your problems, you need to seek professional assistance.


If you want to increase your sexual stamina, you can try the following:

  • Talk to your doctor. He or she knows how to diagnose your real problem.
  • Eat foods which are rich in nutrients that can increase and improve one’s sexual stamina. Some of the foods that might help you are:
    • Banana – It can improve sexual stamina by increasing your energy level.
    • Blueberry – It is considered as a sexual food because it can sexually stimulate you like Viagra.
    • Figs – These are high in amino acids which are known to increase sexual stamina.
    • Peanut – It has amino acid and L-arginine which are essential in a man’s sexual stamina.
    • Garlic – It has allicin which can enhance blood flow towards your sexual organs.
    • Learn to meditate. A simple “breathe in, breathe out” will do to relax your intense body.
    • Learn some exciting positions which can are known to help you last longer in the bed.