Sexual Stamina for Men – Some Basic Information

by vanessa

It does not matter where you look, there are countless websites, books and magazine articles dedicated to increasing sexual stamina for men. Most men feel pressure to keep sexual intercourse going for long periods of time because they worry that their partner is not getting satisfied if they finish too soon. There are ways to increase your sexual stamina, but there is no one method that is right for everyone. You will have to use trial and error to find the best method to increase sexual stamina for you.

Sexual Stamina for Men

One key element to increasing sexual stamina for men is to relax. If you are constantly worrying about how well you are doing in bed and how long you can go for, the entire sexual experience will not be that great. Actually, worrying a lot can cause you to suffer from erectile dysfunction in addition to stamina issues so that is another reason why you need to relax. Before getting in bed with your partner, take a few minutes to just meditate and mentally prepare yourself for the experience that you are about to have with your partner. It may sound silly or stupid, but you would be surprised at how much relaxation and meditation can increase your sexual stamina.

If relaxation and meditation does not fully help your staying power in bed, then you may look at some exercises aimed to increase sexual stamina for men. The most common form of exercise for increasing stamina is to do a technique called “edging.” Edging is when you masturbate up until the point when you feel the orgasm coming on and then you stop for a few seconds before picking back up again. This technique can make your brain react differently when you are experiencing sexual intercourse and can help you last longer with your partner. You may also find that certain sexual positions help you last longer in bed than others. If that is the case, do not be shy to tell your partner about it. You both deserve to have a good sexual experience and your partner is just as concerned about how you feel as you are about their experience.

Another thing for increasing sexual stamina for men is to eat certain foods. While this method will most definitely not work for everyone, it certainly can’t hurt to try it. Foods that are supposed to be good for sexual stamina are: blueberries, which can work a little like Viagra, figs, garlic, bananas and chocolate. Of course, it is more about what each of these foods contains in them, like amino acids, and not the foods themselves. And do not expect a food to act like a miracle drug. It more than likely will not happen that way, but it can possibly help you last longer for your partner in bed.