Shortcuts Towards a Bigger Manhood

by Nick Swanson

For most men (and probably some women) size does matter. In fact, it matters a lot. A bigger penis is often thought to produce better orgasms, more satisfying sexual experiences and more chances for future sexual encounters. For most men, their size has become the ultimate measurement of how well they can perform in bed. Because of this, men often wonder in what ways they can further make their size somewhat above average.

However, most experts believe that there are no safe shortcuts to improve manhood. In fact, the several ways to improve penis size pose their own share of possible side effects. Men are therefore advised to consider their options carefully.

Ways to Improve Penis Size

Shortcuts Towards a Bigger Manhood

In order to address men’s curiosity on how to improve penis size, several techniques can be seen in the internet and magazines.

These techniques can range from simple to complex, including:

  • Penile exercises.
  • Stretching.
  • Surgery.
  • Male enhancement products.

Penile exercises are often referred to as jelqing. It is a technique that uses both hands and requires pushing of the blood from the base to the tip of the penis. There are some men who claim that this exercise is effective in lengthening the penis. However, some experts believe that this technique can cause pain, scars and abnormal figure of the penis especially when not done properly.

Stretching the penis require the use of a penile extender. These devices are supposed to put traction into the penis in order to enlarge it. Some studies show improvements in length however these studies still need to be substantiated.

There are minor and major surgeries to improve penis size. Some surgeries require getting fat from one part of the body and then placed into the penile area. The more complex ones require putting flesh into the glans of the penis. A recovery period of the surgeries also varies, ranging from a few days to a couple of months. Some report success in penile surgeries, while there are others who reported harmful side effects leading them to more health problems.

male enhancement products also claim to improve penis size. These products range from lotions, creams to pills. They also contain penile-enhancing herbs, vitamins and enzymes claiming to improve blood flow and make the penis bigger. Some of these products also pose side effects.

Are there Fast and Easy Ways to Improve Penis Size

The only fast and easy way to improve penis size is by opting for the right exercise or product for you. One product may work well with others but not with you. That is why men are advised to look carefully at their options before engaging in a product or technique.


Improving penis size may seem like a difficult feat but it can be done. Men can do this by talking to their partners and being open to them sexually. They should also try to improve lifestyle by losing weight, quitting smoking and drinking and following good exercise routine to ensure a healthy body and better sexual performance. Most of all, should men need to indulge in certain male enhancement techniques, they are advised to talk to their healthcare providers first before doing anything.