4 Signs That Your Girl Doesn’t Like Your Sexual Performance

Mostly when a relationship is still new the partners involved are usually passionate with each other. Unfortunately, the passion usually starts to fade slowly as time goes by. This is something normal because as time goes by two people who are in love will get used to each other and the excitement will ultimately reduce. This should however not mean that a girl’s reduced interest in having sex with her man is automatically because of her having gotten used to him.

A girl may lose interest in having sex with her man due to a number of factors, one being a poor sexual performance from the man. So what are the signs that men can look for in girls that may give them indications that their ladies don’t like their sexual performance?

Below are some signs that will tell you that she doesn’t like your sexual performance and therefore you need to improve your game:

When she goes to bed at a different time from yours

If you notice your lady wanting to go to bed early leaving you in the sitting room alone watching TV or choosing to stay back while you go to bed that is a red flag that all is not going on well.

She could be doing this to avoid getting intimate with you because she simply doesn’t like your performance there anymore. Several women have confessed to doing this on purpose to avoid having sex with their boring partners.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

How you can solve it?

If you notice this why not talk to her and may be try to be a little creative with her next time you have sex with her. Maybe it could be your usual sex position that is making her not to like your sexual performance.

When she doesn’t want you to change sex positions instead insisting you stick to the regular one

This one is an obvious sign that she does not enjoy having sex with you and maybe she wants you to finish it off faster and let her sleep.

She may be doing this to you to make you realize your weakness and at least try to make some changes on how you do it with her.

How you can solve it?

If this is what is happening to you, you could try changing it by trying to make the act more pleasurable for her by introducing a sex toy. The best way to do this is to use a vibrator as you continue pounding your way inside of her to help stimulate her clitoris. This will definitely turn her on and she will even want more of it.

Once you are sure that she likes it why not then proceed to introduce a new position to her and for sure she will agree.

When you try to undress her she declines

Why on Earth would a lady refuse to be undressed by her man if she really loves him? This can only be a sign of her disappointment at his sexual performance. When your sexual performance bores her what follows will be a reduction in your connection with her and therefore convincing her to go to bed with you will be a tall order for you. There could be even more issues apart from just your sexual performance that can drive her away from you.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

How to solve it?

If you notice this happening to your sex life, it is better that you talk to her and ask her what she feels about your performance. Any confident lady will be open with you and tell you about her feelings and then you can work to improve things from there.

When she shows indifference even when you think you are doing a good job

Most women find it hard to tell their men that their performance do not impress them. If you realize that she does not moan or scratch your back when you are pounding her then probably your game is just boring to her.

When a woman likes what you are doing with her even if she doesn’t tell you literally she will show you by her actions during sex. You will see her give up herself to you completely by opening her thighs wide open just for you! But when you have sex with her and she looks aside away from your face, she doesn’t really like your performance.

How to solve it?

Again, in this case, you can initiate dialogue with her and talk to her to open up to you about what she feels about your sexual performance.

If she tells you she doesn’t like it try to improve how you do things with her while in bed and ask her what she finds interesting. You can also change your usual sex style as this could just turntables for you for the better.

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If you don’t want to be like the other men out there whose confidence has really dropped, then you should do something with your sex performance.

By knowing what to look at so that you will know if your partner doesn’t like your performance any more then you will get an idea of what should be done. You don’t need to be the God of sex, you just need to read what’s in her mind.

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