How To Deal With The Size of Penises?

by Nick Swanson

How To Deal With The Size of Penises
Penis size is one of the most important issues facing men of all ages. Any man that thinks his penis is too small is likely to suffer sexual problems. The worry or concern over his penis size carries with him into the bedroom.

He thinks that his wife or sexual partner is not happy and worries that she might leave him for a man with a larger penis. In actuality, most studies found that an overwhelming majority of women were more than satisfied with the size of penises on their partners.

The penis is typically proportionate to the rest of the man’s body. The idea that head size, hand size, or foot size relates to the penis size is an old wives tale. There is no link to the size of a man’s body parts and the size of his penis.

However, men that are taller are more likely to have a longer penis. As the body develops, the different parts of the body grow in size together. Men that grow taller typically grow longer as well. That does not mean that the size of penises does not vary significantly among a group of men.

Any man that worries about his size should go back to his childhood. The average penis size at birth is just less than two inches. The penis stays this same size throughout the childhood years. It is not until men reach puberty that the size of penises changes.

The penis continues changing size and shape during the pre-teen and teen years. By the time a man finishes puberty, his penis stops growing. The average penis size is roughly four to five inches long and the penis only grows around one inch longer when the man has an erection.

Men tend to think that women want a longer or wider penis, but most women are more than happy with the average size. The inside of a woman’s vagina is only slightly larger than the average penis and when having sex with a bigger man, the intercourse can feel uncomfortable and even painful.

Men that are still concerned with the size of penises can try increasing their size. Vacuum pumps, weight devices, and herbal supplements can all increase size. The products use the existing tissue and skin of the penis, but can still increase the length or width by several inches within a few months.